Online Sportsbook Profits at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 Sportsbook

Online sportsbook gamblers want to win money. That is the goal for anyone that gets involved in sportsbook gambling.

The big question is what to do with your profits when you win at an online sportsbook. Sometimes how you handle you wins is as important as how you handle your losses in sportsbook gambling.

Online sportsbook gamblers that win money oftentimes get too confident. They bet more money on more games, and often games that they originally had no intent of playing, as they now have the “house’s money.” If there has ever been a more ignorant statement that reveals the true character of a loser in gambling, it is that phrase, “playing with the house’s money.” The winner, conversely, realizes that any and all winnings are his money and he will not expose that hard-earned cash to needless risk at the online sportsbook. He will treat winnings with care and guard them fiercely.

One of the best strategies for profiteering, in fact, and one that many professionals use at an online sportsbook can be to take at least half of whatever they win and put it away.  The sportsbook gambler then uses the other half for more action. For example, if you won $700 on college football on Saturday at the online sportsbook you would pocket $350, along with your original bankroll and then use the remaining $350 for NFL games the next day at the online sportsbook. Even if a gambler lost every game he played, he would still make money for the weekend at the online sportsbook.

Better still, you can use this “regression” system during the day at the online sportsbook. If you start out with a $200 win, you then pocket $100 for that day and then let the other $100 ride for as long as it will last, guaranteeing a profit no matter what else happens during the day at the online sportsbook.

Those gamblers at the sportsbook that “go for the kill” oftentimes lose everything in the attempt to win more money.  It is about discipline and it is so very easy to lose even when you are winning at the online sportsbook.