NBA Playoffs: Odds to win the Western Conference

November 7th, 2019 NBA Basketball, Sportsbook

Good-bye Kobe, Good-bye Bull’s record, hello NBA Playoffs! We finally reach the thrilling time of the best basketball action on the planet. After what was a historic regular season for so many reasons, the remaining NBA teams now focus their attention on one goal: The Championship. The Western Conference, as a collective had one amazing season with several teams putting marvelous numbers all throughout, now we take a look on each teams odds and if you should take that bet.

Dallas Mavericks +22500

Surprisingly the worst odds to win the Western Conference didn’t went to the Golden State Warriors first round rivals. Instead it landed on the shaky Dallas Mavericks. Ranking on the #6 they are on the playoffs thanks to their strong performances earlier in the season. As of late, the Mavericks lost gas and managed to stay on the sixth spot by a shuffle of late season game results that allowed them to stay in the dance. Their final game of the season, saw their starters lose to the Spurs bench. NBA Playoffs bets going to the Mavericks are basically the equivalent of taking your money and setting it on fire.

Houston Rockets +17500

To call the Rocket’s 2016 season a disappointment would be fair. Although this team backs its way to the NBA playoffs, they aren’t there to make waves. However, should James Harden catch fire and Dwight Howard change into Superman once more, they could be a thorn in the Warriors paw this first round. Can they shock the Warriors? Eh… not really, but at least they can make them sweat for it, forcing them to got to six games.

Memphis Grizzlies +17500

Memphis story this season is an unfortunate one. They are a good team and by all means they have the talent to be higher in the Western Conference’s ranking, but injuries have really put them back. Resulting in a total of 25 plus players to cover for their players. You have to applaud this team to make this far. The Spurs, however, will welcome them to the playoffs with a sweep.

Portland Trailblazers +12500

The Blazers are a team that could be great. They might even pull the upset against the Clippers in the first round, but moving pass that and winning the Conference, no way, no how. In the shifting seas of the West, the Blazers will be a great team, but not this season. If they make it to the second round they can be happy of what they have accomplished.

Los Angeles Clippers +2050

Much like the Blazers the Clippers are not expected to pass much more than that second round. There they would meet the rested Warriors, who are going to sweep the Rockets easily. The Blazers will be a tough opposition at that  point, but they are not locks to win it, much less so against the Warriors.

Oklahoma City Thunder +1050

The Thunder is a team that could press the Spurs and the Warriors and take them to the limit. This is actually a pretty interesting odd, and one that could potentially pay out quite heftily. Durant and Westbrook are both fresh of having pretty strong regular season endings, and if they are just heating up, they could be a real threat and an unexpected surprise in the West.

San Antonio Spurs +285

Yes, the Spurs can beat the Thunder. Yes, the Spurs can beat the Warriors. And yes, they can lose to either one of the two. This San Antonio team is a fantastic group of talent that reach the NBA Playoffs well rested, focused and with a super capable coach, that knows what it takes to win an NBA championship. Betting on the Spurs is a safe yet potentially good paying wager.

Golden State Warriors -185

The Warriors enter the NBA Playoffs with a record of 73 wins. Have you seen them play? You did? Good, that’s all you need to know. Go ahead and bet on them.

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