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October 13th, 2017 Sportsbook

And for many fans and sports fans in general NASCAR is also something of a new phenomenon.

But the truth is that NASCAR has been around for decades, it’s just that with its emergence as one of the most popular competitions in sports book action and its increased profile within the sportsbooks world, its profile has been lifted to new heights of popularity.

Sports book sites online and NASCAR have risen together, in fact, out of the 1990’s to the present. For some reason, perhaps the collapse of Indy Car racing and increased marketing, NASCAR went from an obscure regional sport to the fastest growing sport in the sports book world. Likewise, the Internet completely transformed sportsbooks betting. With the new technology sports book action became available to tens of millions of people online and utterly transformed the face of sports book betting.

With sportsbooks and NASCAR enjoying such huge boosts in popularity in recent years the two now share a large audience as many traditional NASCAR fans are discovering online for the first time and many long time sportsbook fans are finally discovering NASCAR. And it’s all perfectly logical as it would be difficult to imagine a sport more perfect for the sportsbooks than NASCAR.

NASCAR, in a way is very much like horse racing which was perhaps the original sports book mainstay. In many ways, it’s also different, but the principles are the same as competitors circle a track and the first to cross the determined finish line is the sports book winner. NASCAR of course contains many more entrants, longer distances and mechanical advantages, but the idea is the same.

Add to that the compelling personalities of the many NASCAR drivers and their legions of fans and you have the makings of an extraordinary sports book betting subject. Just like in horse racing, the sports book fans can pick the driver or drivers they like best before hand and wager on an out right win, a bet to place, or even try their hand at a tri-fecta and other sports book betting options.

The advantage of NASCAR is that races last longer and there is a much greater element of excitement as wrecks are common place and the racing is awfully physical. And most sports book fans that have seen both seem to prefer the NASCAR action to the ponies.
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