More College Football Betting for Championship Weekend

Jameis Winston in Florida State football uniformRecently, we brought you the college football betting preview of the Championship Weekend. Today we bring you the second part of our preview!

Today we start of our preview with the Big Ten Championship Game between Wisconsin and Ohio State on Saturday. The scenario is simple; Ohio NEEDS to win for that playoff spot. Also, given how the committee is big on “style” of wins, Ohio State needs to bring a performance to impress. The Badgers on the other hand are seeking revenge after three seasons of bitter losses, and wining the Big Ten AND stopping the Buckeyes from going into the playoffs could be a cold dish of payback. Currently Wisconsin is a 4-point favorite for college football betting, partly due to the loss of Ohio State’s J.T. Barrett last week.

The Big 12 has several regular season final games that don’t have that much silverware on the line but, could have repercussions to the playoff outcome. That is the case for Iowa State versus TCU. Right now is a matter of what is to gain, TCU can be said is playing for everything as for Iowa Sate is just there to get through with their schedule. Expect a blowout.

There is one wild card scenario that, as unlikely as it might be, could very well happen. Again, we can’t stress this enough this is VERY unlikely. What if, Alabama, Florida State, Oregon, Baylor, Ohio State and TCU lose? For starters the world of college football betting would turned on its head. The playoff committee will then have to scramble and try to create a fitting scenario for the top four teams. Whatever decision they make will be highly debated and controversial. But with how this season has had several controversial decisions from the committee, many fans are hoping for a chaotic outcome this weekend. Whatever happens we will be closely watching.