Manziel or Hoyer? Who Will Start at QB for the Browns?

July 13th, 2020 Sportsbook

With the 2014 NFL Spring training camps underway, there has been an enormous amount of media coverage on Johnny “Football” Manziel, who has been so highly touted from college through the NFL Draft and his eventual selection by the Cleveland Browns. Now he is touted as the potential starting QB for Cleveland.

However, there is a veteran QB in Brian Hoyer on the Cleveland roster who actually played 3 games for the Browns in the 2014 season. He is not faster or more nimble that rookie Manziel. Hoyer was actually out of Michigan State and drafted by the Patriots and was a backup to Tom Brady for four seasons.

He returns after an ACL surgery and will try to maintain his starting QB job with the Browns. In some areas like speed and improvisational moves by the rookie Manziel, he could not compete, but Hoyer has some tasks that Manziel could not duplicate like breaking a huddle, calling out plays with conviction, checking prediction schemes, reading the defense, and setting players in motion. His pace is far better than Johnny Football’s. Certainly, there is a noticeable difference at this stage of spring training between the two quarterbacks.

All that said, Hoyer’s play with the Browns in 2013, his vast QB experience, steady hand and maturity will more than likely dictate for him to be the starter when the 2014 regular season gets underway. Manziel just needs more work before he is ready to start an NFL game.

Once the regular season starts the Texan’s offensive coordinator Shanahan will look for ways to get Jonny on the field in special situations where his athletic talent dictates, like third and short and goal line stands and etc. Thus, this 2014 the QB position appears to be Hoyer’s to lose, of course barring and future injury prior to season start.

Presently, Hoyer’s recovery from the ACL injury has continued to amaze the Browns staff and he has no sign of being hindered from it mentally or even gun shy about getting hit on or around his right knee. The offensive scheme that O’brien brought to the Browns is very similar to that of the Patriots and Hoyer is very at ease with the system, while Manziel has to learn as he goes.

But in reviewing the QB situation in Cleveland, we cannot be naïve, as Johnny Football has the talent to make it happen in some ways that Hoyer can’t and it will be interesting to see how many time that takes place at this level of professional football. When we break it all down, Manziel can be special and as the owner has a strong interest in his 22nd overall draft pick, and the fact that Hoyer has been on waivers many times, if the Cleveland Browns start to look like they did last season, then Manziel will have plenty of opportunities to sell his ware. So the Cleveland Brown fans who bet on NFL football games can check out SBG sportbook for all the latest odds and news for the 2014 Spring season games.

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