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September 5th, 2017 Sportsbook

Sportsbook action in the NBA has several bad teams last season, but none was worse than the Miami Heat.

While injuries and even sandbagging helped contribute the team’s awful performance in the Internet sportsbook action, this was by any accountant an awful squad.  But with a healthy team and several new pieces this team looks set to make a run at the biggest turnaround in NBA sportsbook history.

 Sportsbook record books were written last year when the NBA sportsbook champion Boston Celtics completed the biggest single season turnaround.  But that recent record could be short-lived as Miami looks like legitimate contender.  Having won only 15 games last year, the record would belong to the Heat if they win 50 games which seem very possible based on the team’s sportsbook performance so far.

 And it should be noted that last year’s team was not nearly as bad as its sportsbook record might have suggested.  The team could have won at least 25 games but it seemed, as has been suggested by many Internet sportsbook sites, more interested in getting a top pick in the NBA draft.  And that it did with the drafting of forward DeMarcus Beasley.  Beasley seems a lock for rookie of the year honors and should be a 20 point game scorer within the next few sportsbook seasons.  His offense skills are already among the best in the NBA sportsbook action at his position and his rebounding is above average.

 But he’s hardly the only talented rookie on the team with point guard Mario Chalmers also a candidate for the ROY trophy.  After setting a franchise record with nine steals early this year, the sky seems the limit for this tough rookie.  His offense is a work in progress but the Heat has plenty of scoring power in its NBA sportsbook arsenal.

 Its biggest weapon is of course Dwayne Wade who is among the top three talents in the NBA internet action when healthy.  He’s off to a phenomenal start and if he turns in one of his usual outstanding performances this season, the Heat will be one of the top teams in the NBA sportsbook East.

 The team’s biggest weakness is its rebounding and low post scoring.  The team has no true center and must avoid getting into a half court game against bigger sportsbook opponents.  The teams run and gun gambling defense should help push the tempo and with thoroughbred big men like Shawn Marion and Udonis Haslem filling the lanes, this team should be at the very least, a very entertaining sportsbook match up. 

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