Greatest Rivalries in Sports Betting History

February 14, 2016 Sportsbook

sports game balls on white backgroundThis article is being written on Valentine’s Day 2016 as we share the love of sports by fans, that comes and goes, like in sports there are winners and some losers, and considering that sports competitions have take place for more than a century, the tale of time tells us that some teams have a great deal of contempt for some opponents more so than others in the sports world.

Thus, for those that Bet on Sports at SBG sportsbook, we take a view of what we think has been the 10 team rivalries that over time have been the most heated and contested. These particular match-ups over time have created some of the greatest moments and hours in the history of sporting events.

So let’s take a look at what sports historians claim are the 10 biggest rivalry games of all time as we start with:

Army vs. Navy

No. 10 with is the famous annual rivalry game between Army versus Navy, a collegiate football game that has taken place for a period of some 85 years, and has annually displayed to fans and spectators what sport rivalries entail.

It is known that from year to year these 2 teams are not necessarily the top in the ranking each season, but these 2 U.S. Military Academies give it their all on the football field in each season exhibiting sportsmanship, talent and team power, all in the name of the United States and it Red, White and Blue Flag.

Texas vs. Oklahoma

No. 9 is the rivalry game annually between the Longhorns of Texas playing the Sooners of Oklahoma in a game titled the “Rivalry of Red River” that has taken place for at least 110 years. It is a football event that becomes much contested, and therefore in all but 3 occasions the game is played at Dallas at the Cotton Bowl a neutral field.

Giants vs. Dodgers

The No. 8th event is the baseball rivalry between the Giants of San Francisco playing Dodgers of Los Angeles, a game that originally began as a inter-city competitive event, and then turned into a rivalry of inter-state proportion has had some 2,415 meetings between these 2 California icon teams, and to date the Giants of San Francisco have 32 more wins that the Dodgers of Los Angeles.

Real Madrid vs. Barcelona

The No. 7th rivalry which USA sports fans may not necessarily agree with this, but like it or not the Real Madrid “Los Blancos” and Barcelona “Barca” soccer teams of the BBVA are 2 teams that are followed in the social media networks more so than any other sports teams in the World. They to date have met some 263 times and that famous match-up each year is titled “El Classico.”

Maple Leafs vs. Canadiens

The 6th rivalry is from the National Hockey League with the Maple Leafs of Toronto playing the Canadiens of Montreal, and this happens to be a very serious sporting event in Canada, and this rivalry is the longest extended rivalry in the NFL between the “Habs” and the “Leafs.”

These 2 teams represent 2 of the largest cities in Canada and they have face each other some 5 times in the Stanley Cup, and 15 times in the NHL annual playoffs, and their fans get to see this showdown even if from time to time its only in their divisional games on an annual basis.

Duke vs. North Carolina

The 5th strongest rivalry game comes from Collegiate Basketball with the Blue Devils of Duke take on the Tarheels of North Carolina, a strong rivalry that dates back to 1920. Certainly these games between Duke and N.C. bring about some crowds that are of a very rowdy nature. That’s understandable since these 2 teams home basis are only 10 miles apart, with Duke being a private university while North Carolina (UNC) is a public university, so that naturally irritates the fans of the Blue Devils annually.

Michigan vs. Ohio State

The 4th rivalry is about college football and the Wolverines of Michigan as they play the Buckeyes of Ohio State annually in a series that started back in 1897 and the game has brought college football fans some very exciting game for years. These 2 teams are high ranked contenders annually for a national title, and often times they have given fans excitement in Big Ten title games, and bowl games like the Rose Bowl.

Bears vs. Packers

The 3rd top rivalry comes from the NFL with the Bears of Chicago playing the Packers of Green Bay which happens to be the oldest rivalry in the NFL with their 1st meeting dating back to November 1921, and they are 2 of the more decorated teams in the NFL Professional Football League History who have combined for some 22 NFL Titles which goes back to before the Super Bowls were initiated. Presently the record for all their games has the Bears have won 96 games, while the Packers have won 92 and they tied some 6 times. This is a rivalry that any game could go either way whether the game is at legendary Soldier Field in Chicago or on the frigid field at Lambeau.

Celtics vs. Lakers

Coming to the top we have the No. 2 rivalry coming from the NBA with the Celtics of Boston playing the Lakers of Los Angeles, and in the sports world it’s called the East-meeting-West. This definitely if past years has been the top rivalry in the NBA and in its time it presented without a doubt the best player rivalry between in Bird versus Magic, and the unforgettable Big 3 versus Kobe!

Yankees vs. Red Sox

Then the top No. 1 rivalry takes us to baseball and the Yankees of New York playing the Red Sox of Boston known as the “Curse of the Bambino” and has some lifetime games that total some 2,175. This game annually has brought together some of the more passionate fans, and also the rowdiest, and with games in the famous Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium. The history of this rivalry dates back some 80 years and the days of t he famous Babe Ruth. That curse started in 1920 when the Red Sox sole slugger Ruth (also know as Bambino) to the New York Yankees after helping the Red Sox to win the 1918 World Series Title.