Five Surprising Upsets from NFL Week 2 Sunday Games

image of line of scrimmage at 20 yard line on football field with playersOn Sunday Five (5) of the Fifteen (15) NFL teams that played that were favored did not cover the spread and either lost the game or were upset. Let's take a look at each of these games' betting odds.

Seahawks Fall to Chargers

The First team to lose and were upset was the reigning champs Seattle Seahawks 1-1 (2nd NFC West) who were the favorites at -4 Ov/Un 44 and beaten by the San Diego Chargers 1-1 (2nd AFC West) 30-21.

The star of the game was Chargers Antonio Gates who caught three (3) TD passes of 8 yards, 21 yards and 8 yards in this upset, a receiver who QB Rivers for nine seasons and that was an event that was waiting to take place. The Chargers actually controlled the speed and tempo of the game and kept the Seahawks QB Wilson and RB Lynch on the bench.

Seahawks QB was 17 of 25 for 202 yards with 2 TDs and was sacked twice while their RBs had 8 carries with 81 yards and a TD by RB Harvin, while their receivers had 6 receptions for 96 yards and 1 TD by Turbin.

The Chargers QB Rivers in the game was 28 for 37 for 202 total yards with 3 TD’s and was sacked once and had no interceptions. Their RBs had 19 carries for 61 yards while the receivers had 14 receptions for 165 total yards and 3 TDs.

The statistics of this game pretty well spell the outcome as the Chargers had 26 1st downs to the Seahawks 14, while the Chargers had 75 total offensive plays to the Seahawks 40 plays. The Chargers had 377 total yards, 276 passing and 101 rushing while the Seahawks had a 288 total yards, 180 passing and 108 rushing. Most importantly the San Diego Chargers had the ball for 42 minutes of the game while the Seattle Seahawks only had the ball for 18 minutes. Enough said!

Bears Win First Game at San Fran Since 1985

The second team was the San Francisco 49ers 1-1 (2nd AFC West) who were favored in the game at -7 (-115) Ov/Un 47 ½ lost to the Chicago Bears 1-1 at 28-20 and it was considered an upset. Actually, the Chicago Bears rallied behind QB Jay Cutler as he passed to Brandon Marshall who scored two (2) of the three (3) Touchdowns in the fourth (4th) quarter. QB Cutler finished the game completing 23 of 34 passes for some 176 total yards and four (4) TDs.

The 49ers struggled somewhat in this game as 49ers QB Kaepernick, was responsible for 4 turnovers in the game of which three were interceptions. The 49er QB Kaepernick was 21 of 34 passes for three (3) TDs and was sacked once in the game.

The game appeared somewhat sloppy and both teams were penalized, with the 49ers with 16 penalties for 118 yards and the Bears had 10 penalties for 58 yards.

Saints Fall to 0-2 After Game at Browns

The third team that was surprising beat was the New Orleans Saints 0-2 (NFC South) who was expecting to bounce back to a win after losing the 1st to the Falcons 37-24 and they were the favorite at -6 ½ Ov/Un 48 ½ and lost the game to the Cleveland Browns 1-1 (2nd AFC North) as Cundiff kicked a last second field goal to upset the Saints 26-24 as the game went over the game projected total of 48 ½.

Now the Browns finally have a September win and a reason to celebrate as it’s the first time in the last ten years that they are 1-0 at home. Browns QB Hoyer came through also in the clutch as in the final minutes as he took the team from their own 4 yard line to the Saints 11 yard line which is where Cundiff kicked the field goal from to win the game. In that drive QB Hoyer has several key completions with a pass on 4th down to TE Barnidge and then a 28 yarder to Hawkins with 13 seconds remaining in time for the winning field goal by Cundiff.

This was a very close game in all areas as QB Brees for New Orleans was 27 of 40 for 237 yards and 2 TDs and intercepted once and sacked two times while QB Hoyer for the Browns was 24 of 40 for 204 yards with 1 TD and one sack. The RBs for NO had 1 TD while the RB’s for the Browns had 1 TD. The receivers for NO scored 2 TDs on 13 receptions and the Browns receivers had 1 TD on 12 receptions.

The game was very close, but in the 4th quarter the Saints defense could not stop the Brown offense which won the game, and afterwards the Saints defensive coach Ryan and coach Peyton had a heated discussion, but in this game the ball went the Browns way.

Buccaneers Lose to Depleted Rams

The fourth game was the very close game with little offensive scoring, with 5 field goals in the game, as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 0-2 (3rd in NFC South) who were favored at -5 ½ Ov/Un 37 ½ to beat the Saint Louis Rams 1-1 (2nd NFC West) but actually lost a close game 19-17 to the Rams.

The Saint Louis Rams field goal kicker had a dream day for kickers, as he hit 4 field goals to help the Rams beat the Buccaneers. The winning kick came after Rams QB Davis threw three passes in their late drive, a 13 yarder to Kendricks, 15 yard completions to Quick and a 27 yarder to put them in position for the winning field goal. The only TD of the game for the Rams was in the 2nd quarter as RB Stacy has a 2 yard run for the touchdown.

The Rams QB Davis was 22 of 29 for 235 yards and was sacked twice while the Buc’s QB McCowan was 16 of 21 for 179 yards with one interception and was sacked once. RB’s for the Rams had 11 carries for 91 yards and 1 TD while the Buc’s RB’s had 29 carries for 151 yards and no TDs. Receivers for the Rams had 11 receptions for 120 yards while Buc’s receivers had 8 receptions for 100 yards. Overall for total offensive yardage the visiting rams had 339 total yards while the home team Buc’s had 332 total yards for the game.

Those who did not see the game should know that the game was halted for 51 minutes due to severe weather conditions. During the halftime Hall of Fame Derrick Brooks of FSU fame and 2002 NFL defensive player of the year was given his Hall of Fame ring during the half-time ceremony honoring him.

Cowboys Upset Titans

The fifth favorite team to lose was the Tennessee Titans 1-1 (2nd in AFC South) playing at home and favorites at -3 (-115) Ov/Un 49 ½ lost to the Dallas Cowboys 1-1 (2nd NFC East) who outscored the Titans 26-10.

This was said to be a game for either to lose as the Cowboys came back from their opening loss to the 49ers 28-17 to beat the Titans whom in their opener beat the KC Chiefs 26-10 ironically a reverse score in their loss to Dallas.

This game is another that the statistics tell the tale as the Cowboys had 26 first downs, 76 total plays for 368 yards with 220 yards rushing, to the Titans 13 first downs, 49 total plays and 314 total yards and 82 yards rushing.

The Cowboy QB Romo was 19 of 29 for 176 yards with 1 TD and was sacked 4 times while Titans QB Locker was 18 of 34 for 234 yards with 1 TD, 2 interceptions and was sacked twice.

So all you fans who bet on NFL football games at an offshore sportsbook or your favorite local bookmaker, if these teams are one of your favorites, watch the upcoming odds on the games, should be interesting.