Early Super Bowl Betting & Matchup Previews

February 10th, 2020 Sportsbook

So far the NFL Playoffs have delivered on their promise and the possible outcome scenarios for the Super bowl have all kinds of different shades of importance and drama. Regardless, we will examine the possible scenarios and give you our take on them.The NFL football betting season has been a wild an crazy ride on and off the field, with many highs and lows, and the different storylines that were weaved throughout the year, we are reaching a dramatic conclusion that could have epic and classic proportions.

We all know that the two underdog teams for both games are the Indianapolis Colts and the Green Bay Packers. Should both teams meet at the Super Bowl we will see a duel of the two best Quarterbacks this season. You might want to argue that Luck is still has to earn his status as a leading Quarterback, but if you put it in perspective he already has earned that. Rodgers on the other hand has played spectacularly this season and his performance on the Divisional Round versus the Cowboys was really impressive. However should these two teams meet, we believe the Colts will have an edge.

Should the Super Bowl be decided between the Packers and Patriots, the story will be the pressure of Brady and Belichick of winning the game. That pressure is there for the Patriots team in any shape or form should they reach the Super Bowl, can they win it one last time before Brady’s talents are on the decline and eventually retire. Standing in front of them will be Rodgers, and let’s face it, that match up would have all football betting fans salivating. But if that were the case the Patriots would win a close game. The closeness of the game would depend on how healthy Rodgers would be.

Seattle and Indianapolis would be a match almost too perfect for football betting. Imagine Andrew Luck and the Colts offense versus that vicious and mean Seattle defense in the Super Bowl. Think about it for a second. But also imagine the Quarterback match up of Luck versus Russell Wilson. The more and more we think about it, the more excited that we get! It would be a game that could be very close, and we could be inclined of picking the Colts, just for the fact that it would mean that they would have conquered Manning, Brady and the Seahawks in one memorable post season run. But, reality is that the Seahawks have that edge and championship experience.

However the Super Bowl XLIX that we are all expecting to see is the Seahawks versus the Patriots. If Indy versus Seattle was almost too perfect of a game for the Super Bowl, this one is even better. This game would pit the best of each conference against each other in a fitting dramatic fashion, plus with a defending champion team wanting to create and establish their legacy. It would be football betting heaven, so many facets and stories within that game that we get goose bumps thinking about it. But, if you ask us right now what we think would happen then, we have to go with the Seahawks culminating a fantastic season.

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