Dice-K impressing sportsbook experts at SBG Global

March 19th, 2018 Sportsbook

Sportsbook fans are highly familiar with all kinds of Japanese imports.

However, the most impressive Japanese import in terms of online sportsbook action over the past two years has been Boston Red Sox pitcher Dice-K. The Japanese hurler had a decent rookie season last year in the sportsbook action, but this year through three starts he has been highly impressive. If he can keep up his performance for the entire season, many online sportsbook fans and sportsbook experts expect another World Series trophy for the Red Sox.

Sportsbook aficionados have long been aware of the tremendous potential that the pitcher had but throughout the season last year there seemed to be something missing. A typical Dice-K outing might feature three or four consecutive strikeouts with almost impossible pitches followed up by a homerun blast that changed the sporstbook outcome of the game. There was no middle ground with Dice-K last year and his mistakes were as spectacular as his successes according to most sportsbook experts. Anyone who played the sportsbook odds on a Red Sox last year when Dice-K was pitching is only all too familiar with these results. Online sportsbook fans struggled to deal with the wildly erratic results whenever he took the hill.

But he did win 15 games in 2007 an impressive number by any sportsbook measure and many online sportsbook experts hoped that an additional year acclimating to MLB and the culture in a new country would lead to better result in the sportsbooks.

Boy, were they right. After three outings this year Dice-K has three wins and sportsbook fans can’t get enough. Not only has he won every start and his team enjoyed sportsbook success, he also leads the Majors in strikeouts. With the most impressive range of movement you’ll see in any sportsbook baseball action, when Dice-K is on he’s practically unhittable. Not only that, but he’s a workhorse pitcher and every time he takes the mound sportsbook fans know he’s good for well over a hundred pitches.

With Curt Schilling gone and Dice-K stepping into the number two spot in the rotation his success will be imperative for the Sox sportsbook success. So far in 2008, it would appear that Red Sox fans have nothing to worry about when it comes online sportsbook betting.

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