DePaul Fires Head Coach Wainwright Sportsbook Online

October 19th, 2017 Sportsbook

Sportsbook online has seen DePaul struggle on the college basketball court for a long while and the struggled cost head coach Jerry Wainwright his job.

The last two seasons have been especially painful for those sportsbook online gamblers following DePaul at the offshore sportsbook.

Sportsbook online losses have piled up for DePaul in the Big East Conference. The team has lost 22 straight Big East games and Wainwright simply did not have the team competitive for the last few offshore sportsbook years. The interim coach for the rest of the offshore sportsbook season will be assistant Tracy Webster. “The job is performance-based, as well, when it comes to success on the court and unfortunately that didn’t take the turn we were hoping it would,” athletic director Jean Lenti Ponsetto said. “I think we got off to a good start, but it was becoming apparent over the last couple of weeks that things weren’t quite going in the direction that we’d hope they would.”

DePaul started the season 5-1 but those wins were against cupcakes in sportsbook online action. The Blue Demons are 0-3 in the Big East and have a 7-8 losing sportsbook online record on the season. They are 5-5-1 against the pointspread so far this season. They were not really competitive in losses to Villanova and Georgetown. “Obviously I didn’t win enough to achieve the success that was expected in this area,” Wainwright said. His last game as coach came in a sportsbook online blowout loss to Villanova last week.

Just how long has it been for DePaul in terms of a conference win in sportsbook online action?  They have not won a regular-season conference game since March 2008.  They went winless in the conference last sportsbook online season although they did get an upset win in offshore sportsbook odds in the Big East tournament as they defeated Cincinnati in the first round.

Wainwright may have been a popular coach but in recent sportsbook online seasons it was obvious that DePaul was simply overmatched on and off the court. The only season that was a winning one for DePaul under Wainwright was in 2006-2007 sportsbook online action when the team went 20-14 and made the NIT. Wainwright had been a successful coach at NC Wilmington and Richmond but he could not get things going in a positive sportsbook online direction at DePaul.

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