Cowboys Avenge Thanksgiving Loss to Eagles

February 14th, 2020 Sportsbook

Just a few weeks after their loss against the Eagles, NFL football betting fans saw the Dallas Cowboys get sweet revenge. Last night in Sunday Night Football a completely different Dallas team took the field, than the one that got trashed by the Eagles on Thanksgiving. Romo was impressive, Dez Bryant was up a great performance, and overall the team was able to withstand a Philadelphia rally that momentarily even cost them the lead. The final score was 38-27.

This game had particular connotations that made it stand out from the rest of the games in the week’s schedule. Besides being a rematch between two bitter rivals, it also had playoff aspirations on the line. It is the type of game that is ideal for NFL football betting. And it proved to be as exciting as we would hope the post-season games will be during the playoffs.

When both teams met a couple of weeks ago, Tony Romo was at the center of all the criticism sports writers had against this Dallas team. But then again, to some extent it was expected for the Cowboys team to not put on a good performance this season. For a while now, the Cowboys were not a team that had many expectations come this time of the season, specially after their loss on Thanksgiving.

Romo’s stats for last night’s game are quite something 22-31, throwing for 265 yards, three TDs (all caught by Dez Bryant) and NO interceptions. The game had a great start by the Cowboys who were at one point with a 21-0 lead, that soon dissipated after the Eagles came back strong, and had the game 24-21 at one point. But just as everybody was expecting to see the Cowboys crumble they showed personality and strength to end Philadelphia’s run and close out with a 17-3 run, with RB Demarco Murray scoring two TDs, one that gave the lead back to the Cowboys.

NFL football betting fans and enthusiasts are now expecting to see which Cowboys team will show up to the playoffs as they certainly looked impressive last night. Getting a W when it was most needed in a tough away game.

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