College Football Halftime Sportsbook Odds

September 25th, 2017 Sportsbook

Sportsbook lines are available not only on the full game but also on halves.

If you are a college football betting fan and watch a large number of games on television then you may want to consider the halftime bet. There are a lot more games on TV than there used to be and the sportsbook odd site is putting out more and more halftime lines.

Sportsbook college football halftimes are definitely interesting to consider. One of the better strategies when betting college football halftimes at the sportsbook is taking the favored team if they are losing at the half. For example, let’s say that Ohio State was playing Northwestern and was a 17-point favorite but they were trailing 17-14 at the half. The halftime sportsbook odd number might be Ohio State -10 or so. Now if you bet Ohio State you get them at -7 for the game instead of -17. That could be a very good value bet at the sportsbook. This type of game seems to come along every single week in college football betting. It happens more often in non-power conferences like the MAC, Mountain West, Big East, and WAC. A lot of the time you may see a team like Nevada losing at the half to a much weaker team like Rice. They may have been as much as a 21-point favorite. Now you may only be laying 14 at the half in sportsbook odd numbers.

Another factor to consider when betting college football halftimes at the sportsbook is line movement. You have to remember that it is not as easy to make college or NFL betting halftimes lines for the sportsbook. Not every game is on TV and a lot of games are going on at the same time which means a lot of them go to the half at the same time. Once the game goes to the half the sportsbook has just a couple of minutes to make the sportsbook odd number. Wise guys look at the halftime number at the sportsbook and sometimes will see a mistake a hit the number. You might want to follow the line movement in that case.

When betting college football halftimes at the sportsbook you want to look for situations that can help you make money and that usually will appear in games that are off the radar a bit. Look for smaller conference games and those not on TV. It is those games you may be able to gain an edge with at the sportsbook. You definitely want to consider adding college football halftimes at the sportsbook this season.

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