Football Handicapping Contest Rules

Win every week of football with the Football Handicapping contest from SBG Global!

Every week of NFL football, you have a chance to fill out a new bracket and WIN in our exclusive football handicapping contest! At the end of each week, the player with the highest number of correct picks on the entry bracket, wins!

If you pick all the winning NFL teams for that week along with the tiebreaker, you automatically win the NFL football handicapping contest Grand Prize of $10,000!

Oh, did we forget to mention that the football handicapping contest is FREE!!!

Football Handicapping Contest Scoring System

Each winning pick will be awarded one point.

Football Handicapping Contest Tiebreakers

The score on the Monday Night Football game will be used as a tie breaker.

Football Handicapping Contest Rules

  • Only one entry per household is allowed.
  • Prizes cannot be transferred or exchanged.
  • The winners will be the top 20 scorers every week.
  • The contestant that picks the perfect week, meaning, that all picks for that week won, with the tiebreaker, will win $10,000.
  • If more than one person wins the grand prize of $10,000, the prize will be equally split among the winners.
  • All entries must have a valid email address. Should a winning notification be undeliverable, it will result in disqualification.
  • Judges’ decision is final.
  • You must be an active client of SBG Global, as an active client, you can enter this contest absolutely free!!! If you’re not active, get active today by calling 1-888-BET-EASY or make a deposit online at
  • If no perfect entry is received, then consolation prizes will be given out to participants.
  • For consolation prizes, in the event of a tie, the tiebreaker could determine a higher position and prize.

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