Betting Tips for the Second Half of the 2015-2016 NBA Season

February 21, 2016 NBA Basketball, Sportsbook

Golden State Warriors cheerleaders on floorSince we are now in the 2nd Half of the 2015-16 NBA Season we thought it might be interesting to review the procedures for those that are unsure about the way to Bet on NBA Basketball, which also holds true for basically the NBA, WNBA, EURO BB and NCAA BB as the games are very similar.

For the basketball lovers, to be able to watch a NBA game it is a real pleasurable event. But for those that want to increase the excitement of your favorite basketball game, you may want to try your luck at betting on your favorite NBA team. So if you have never bet on the NBA game then this article may allow you to learn some of the basics for betting if you care to give it a try, or you may be one that would just like to refresh your understanding of the basics.

Moneyline Betting

1st we start with the Moneyline and that is the selection one picks when asked for a straight out selection of who will win a game. To give an example if the Cleveland Cavaliers are playing the Golden State Warriors the odds may appear as such: The Favorite is the Warriors at -900. The Underdog is the Cavaliers at +700.

Thus, if you have any knowledge of basketball you know that the Warriors are too much for the Cavaliers to handle in this game, therefore it appears betting on the Warriors is like a guarantee, but that’s a word that the betting world does not respect, because in sports, upsets take place and favorites win quite often, but upsets do happen.

Therefore betting on the favorite requires more money for the risk and less on the cash return, and in the above lines, for one to win $100 they would have to bet $900, and that would be returned along with the $100 if the Warriors win.

If you Bet on the Underdog can bring more cash in the NBA, and in the same case as above if one would bet $100 and if the Cavaliers win you would get back $700 plus the $100 you Bet. One reason is that the NBA games are determined by the skilled players, whereas in Baseball and Hockey luck has a bigger role in the final score.

Point Spread Betting

Then there’s the Spread, and the point spread happens to be a better way of betting on basketball overall. Spread betting makes the bettors have 2nd thoughts about betting on the favorite team. That’s since the weakest team is allowed an advantage that can favor the underdog. That basically happens since the favorite has to give up points to whoever is the underdog, and that being to try and make the outcome of the game more evenly matched.

If the Heat are playing on home court tonight against the Bulls and the Heat are the favorite, then the Bulls are give the handicap points of 14 for example. That leads one to believe that the oddsmakers like the Heat to win in this game by at least 14 points in the game. Thus, when the Heat wins the game 100-87 over the Bulls, for those that bet the Money Line would win, while those betting the spread and taking the Heat would lose, because the Bulls were given 14 points which make the final score the Heat 100 and the Bulls 101.

Thus the spread would look like this: The favorite is the Heat at -14 and the underdog is the Bulls at +14.

Oddsmakers create the point spread which is a figure they make-up so that they can compensate for one otherwise would be a lopsided contest. The oddsmakers in games where both teams are matched evenly they usually make the home team the favorite by adjusting the point spread, but 1 to 3 points depending on whose the home team. In betting the score of the game is just one think to think of when choosing a team for a bet.

Over/Under Betting

Then you have Totals that the oddsmakers/sportsbooks post for those that care to Bet on NBA at a sportsbook and it’s their prediction what the combined score will be for both the teams in total. Thus, that line that they post gives those that bet the choice of taking the over the amount, or under the amount posted for the total score of the game.

If the Jazz and the Hornets have a total line posted at 200, and one chooses the OVER that would mean you think it will be a very offensive scoring game and that the teams combined score will exceed 200. Taking the UNDER would indicate that one believes it will be more of a defensive game and the score would not reach 200.

So now you may know somewhat more than before, or had your memory refreshed, and there are daily a lot of games to bet on, so now just check out our odds at SBG Global.