After Super Bowl Rematch, Seahawks Team to Beat in NFL

March 2nd, 2020 Sportsbook

Among the tumultuous couple of weeks, NFL betting saw this past Sunday saw the highly expected rematch from last season’s Super Bowl, when the Seattle Seahawks hosted Peyton Manning and the Broncos. Many questions where still floating about by time of kick-off and the speculation if Denver could muster “a sweet revenge” win and send a message to the league. The answer, simply put, was no.

Yes, the Broncos had a much better display of football compared to their Super Bowl performance. Yes, the season is still on a very early stage and the Broncos are still headed to the post-season on most experts’ eyes. Yes, they displayed heart during several stages of the game, and they even made it look like they could pull it off, but there is one undeniable fact that cannot be avoided. The Seahawks are just that good.

The Seahawks defense is a spectacle to behold. The dubbed “Legion of Boom”, managed to still get the best of Peyton Manning, who looked unnerved by them. The Seahawks undoubtedly displayed an aggressiveness expected by any champion team who should be looking to get the repeat this season. However, the Seahawks did exhibit chinks on their armor, as the Broncos’ offense appeared to get their act together and started to fight back, and just in time, as the game was threatening of becoming a blow-out victory by the Seahawks.

NFL betting fans who were expecting a thrashing, were surprised to see that the Broncos were putting up a fight and showed signs of the team that was favorites to beat the Seahawks last season. But, just when as the phrase “heroic comeback” was implanted on all our minds, the Seahawks had a hero in the form of Russell Wilson. The last drive that secured the Seahawks win was the stuff of the league’s superstar QBs. Wilson displayed clutch and killer instinct that, ironically enough, made Peyton Manning famous.

Final thought about this game? The Seahawks are the team to beat this year.

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