2016 Kobalt 400 Betting Preview

November 12th, 2019 Auto Racing, Sportsbook

With the 2016 NASCAR-Spring Cup Series racing calendar underway, this Sunday the 7th of March 2015 with the Kobalt 400 from Las Vegas in the continuing Sprint Cup Series, in a race that you will see some of the top teams and NASCAR drivers from across the United States. As always the stars are the favorites and the dominate choices to win this race, there are some sleepers who could come from the back of the pack and pull of an upset in this Sunday feature race.

For example C. Edwards, D. Hamlin and B. Keselowski are all drivers, considered sleepers that could win this race or any race on any given day, so read on as we take a look at these sleepers and their possibilities in an upset at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway the Sunday the 7th of March 2016. So if you Bet on NASCAR at SBG Global.com continue reading!

The 1st Sleeper we preview is B. Keselowski who listed at +1,000 odds to win this race, and his 1st race of this 2016 NASCAR season. In this race he is considered underrated at this Kobalt 400 at Las Vegas, and that’s apparently not considering that he finished 9th at Atlanta, but should be a solid choice at this Kobalt 400, since he experienced a win here at the Kobalt 400 back in the 2014 season. That and the experts feel he’s overdue since he’s a top driver at the intermediate tracks that compose the Sprint Cup Series.

Keep in mind that in his ultimate 16 races at these intermediate tracks he has finished in the top 10, and that was with a 7th finish at this race in 2015, and in his ultimate 3 races on these track he has finished 2 times in the top 3, so watch for Keselowski in this Kobalt 400.

Then we have C. Edwards who is a motional sleeper and in this race his odds to win the Kobalt 400 are also at +1.000 this season, also it not hard to believe that he could win this race, since has raced well here at Las Vegas finishing in his last 5 races at this track with 4 top 5 finishes, and has won here 2 times in his racing career her at the Kobalt 400.

A strong drive at these intermediate tracks, Edwards has chartered 12 wins with 51 top 5’s and 78 top 10’s in his career races to date, so don’t be surprised to see him racing for the win at this Kobalt 400 on Sunday at Las Vegas.

Then we have last but not least of the Sleepers D. Hamlin who is another underrated race car driver in this Kobalt 400 and has odds of +1,200 to win this Las Vegas Race. Yes, he won the Daytona 500 just 2 weeks ago, and followed that with a strong finish last week at 16th at Atlanta. In his racing career he has always performed well at Las Vegas Motor Raceway, since in his career 10 racing starts here at Las Vegas he has finished in 2 times in the top 5 and 5 times in the top 10 here at the Kobalt 400.

The sports betting expert’s prediction for this race is the sleeper Hamlin could easily win this Kobalt 400 so we don’t count him out!

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