Why the Broncos Will Win Super Bowl 50

November 14th, 2019 NFL Football, Sports Betting

With the 2016 Super Bowl 50 ready to begin tomorrow at 5:30 PM ET with Denver Broncos playing the Panthers of Carolina with the game played at the Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, California with the kick-off scheduled for 5:30 PM ET and seen on CBS TV.

The betting odds for this game are favoring the Panthers at -5 ½ and with the Over/under at 44 ½ and -230 on the Money Line, while the Broncos at +5 ½ and +190 on the ML.

Now we will give you some reasons why many think the Denver Broncos will win the 2016 NFL Super Bowl 50 and the Title, even if the Panthers are favored. Yes, and many are thinking that against the powerful Panthers who are 17-1 this season that the Broncos don’t have a chance of winning Super Bowl 50, but there are experts who believe the opposite. So let’s take a look at some of the reasons Denver can win this Super Bowl 50.

First let’s take a look at the Denver team in their mile experiences which is a team fans have not become accustomed to watching their changing game schemes, since previously they were a strong passing team led by QB P. Manning but as of late have become the NFL’s leading defensive team so that they could win games in their 2015-16 seasons.

But fans need to remember that just 2 years ago their Broncos were in the Super Bowl and at that time had similar problems of a declining offense. And we must also remember that this is the 5th consecutive year they have won the West Title for the AFC, which should give all fans both pro and con something to brag about.

What has impressed experts as well as fans is that Denver faced the Patriots and QB T. Brady 2 times in this 2015-16 seasons and was victorious on both occasions, with the 1st game won with their back-up QB and the 2nd game with QB P. Manning and the Title game on the line.

Secondly we have to be impressed with the Broncos defense, especially their brutal overcoming pass rush. The Denver defense would not be as feared if it was not for their incredible pass rush which has some 53 sacks this past NFL regular season while holding opposing QB to just completing the leagues low 3,542 total yards for all opponents.

It very likely that Patriots QB Brady would agree to the fact that the Bronco defense is awesome since he had a poor performance in the AFC Title game. On the Panthers game, it’s likely that the Broncos defense will not be able to stay in the pocket against the strong pass rush of the Broncos. And it’s likely that their dominate LB Miller and their front seven will be ready and determined to sack Carolina’s Superman QB C. Newton.

Then we take a look at another reason that they have title Denver’s clutches that has come to them in bunches. True that they did struggle in their victories, but more important is the fact that they are able find ways to win in the clutch times.

Witnessed by their 18 games this 2015-16 NFL seasons of which some 13 of those game were won 7 points or fewer, and they won 10 of those 13 games with bunches of clutch plays as they say. Certainly that can be looked at as good luck or bad luck, but they have found ways to win game not by blowouts, but with strong willpower to overcome and outdo their opponents in close games, and that’s whether they are playing with a deficit or leading by a small margin.

Next we take a look at what the Broncos defense is proud of this season, and that’s their ability to “Shut down” impressively the opponents with their incredible defensive front seven, their pass rush unit, accompanied by a very strong secondary that is equally impressive.

It’s difficult to overlook the play of their cornerbacks Talib and Harris Jr., whom have helped to improve drastically the Denver defense along with their safeties in T. Ward who is one of the best in the NFL and rookie safety B. Roby who has had some brilliant performances this season.

In the majority of the Broncos games their defensive backfield has kept opposing Wide Receivers in containment, as this season they have a league low of allowing only 7 touchdowns and a total of 1,995 reception yards during the regular season of 2015-16. With the Panthers knowledge of that, then he may revert to his powerful running game over their air attack.

Let the fans and doubters recall that QB P. Manning is not performing alone offensively, and his backfield has to terrific running backs in C. Anderson and R. Hillman for their rushing game and 2 Wide Receivers in D. Thomas and E. Sanders are as good as any 2 Wide Receivers in the NFL.

And for the final reason, we would love to see QB P. Manning end this game with a victory and ending his NFL career with another Super Bowl victory to a very deserving NFL QB who will likely be a Hall of Fame in the near future.

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