Sports Betting – Cardinals in First without Huge Pujols Numbers

October 22nd, 2020 Sports Betting

Sports Betting – Cardinals in First without Huge Pujols Numbers. The St. Louis Cardinals are in first place in the National League Central and have been a good team to take in sports betting at SBG even without Albert Pujols putting up big numbers.

Going into Wednesday’s action, Pujols was hitting just .267 with only 8 home runs and 26 RBIs. The Cardinals were still 10 games over .500 in sports betting online with a winning record at home and on the road.

Pujols Numbers Down
For whatever reason, the numbers that Albert Pujols has put up this season are down.  He had just eight home runs going into Wednesday. His slugging percentage of .421 was way below his career average of .624. His on base percentage is way down from a career .426 to .340. He is a career .331 hitter and his average this season is .268. Those are nowhere near MVP numbers.

Age, Injury, Contract
No one really knows the reason that Albert Pujols is not dominating the league as he has for years.  He is 31 years old so he is not yet past his prime.  He may have a lingering hamstring injury but that doesn’t seem to be a huge issue.  Perhaps all of the talk about his contract is a huge burden for Pujols.  If you look at the St. Louis lineup there is no reason for Pujols to be struggling. He probably has the best protection in the lineup he has ever had as Lance Berkman is having a superb season so far and Matt Holliday is playing well.  Opposing pitchers are said to be pitching Pujols away and getting him out.  In the past he would just take outside pitches and go the other way. That is not happening much this season.  Pujols leads the league in grounding into double plays as he has hit into 14. Many people are trying to explain away the numbers that Pujols has put up saying that it is the weather, the early part of the season, etc. Maybe the pressure of a new contract is getting to Pujols after all.

Cardinals in First
The Cardinals are in first place and have a top 10 offense and a top 10 pitching staff. That is shocking in sports betting considering Pujols is not having a great season and because the team lost Adam Wainwright before the season began.


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