McGrady’s Role Reduced Online Sports Betting

December 1, 2010 Sports Betting

Online sports betting on the Houston Rockets has been successful this season even though the Rockets have been without Tracy McGrady for much of the season.

Now it appears the team really doesn’t want McGrady back. Sportsbetting reports have McGrady back at his home and not with the team.

Online sports betting had Houston in second place in the Southwest Division this season. They have been a major surprise in online sports betting this season and perhaps being without McGrady has helped them. Houston head coach Rick Adelman sure thinks so. He has said that McGrady will not get increased playing time. McGrady is making a comeback from microfracture knee surgery but has not gotten many minutes since his return as online sports betting stats show. "That’s what I’m trying to figure out: Where do we go, and still keeping the rest of the guys moving forward?" Adelman said. "It’s kind of a balancing act in trying to figure it all out, and I do not have the magic answer. I wish I did." In the last six online sports betting games McGrady has played just 7 or 8 minutes per game.

Online sports betting had McGrady as an albatross around the neck of the Rockets. He was a talented NBA player but far too often he was a ball hog as sportsbetting stats showed. Houston really has a nice chemistry this online sports betting season and they don’t want to ruin it by turning things over to McGrady again. What also is important to keep in mind in this online sports betting situation is that McGrady has the highest salary of any NBA player in the league this season. It is the final sportsbetting year of his contract so Houston will be able to get rid of his salary after this year. It may seem that Houston would want to trade McGrady but general manager Daryl Morey said that is not the case.

McGrady is now 30 years old and really doesn’t have time to wait on Houston. Coming off an injury, there are many in sportsbetting that wonder how much McGrady has left. "You know, he was a great player," Adelman said, "and you could go and run the offense through him and all the other guys benefited from it. But now if you’re going to do that, because of the injury and the rehabilitation coming back, he suddenly can’t do that and we can’t go to that.”

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