Making Sports Betting Lines at SBG Global

December 1st, 2010 Sports Betting

You will discover, as you set your own sports betting lines, how easy it is to make money on road teams when betting sports.

Sports betting lines are made by oddsmakers in an attempt to attract action to both sides of a game. As you are betting sports you are better off learning how these lines are set rather than studying trends, statistics, sports news, and what the touts think.  Let’s learn how the sports betting lines are made.

Sports betting lines are based upon power ratings and public perception.  It really isn’t more complicated than that.  You can make your own sports betting lines just as the oddsmakers do. When you set your own lines, one of the first things that you will learn in that battle between perception and reality is how the public has a read on particular teams. Oftentimes, for example, the public will have a lot of respect or a strong read on teams based on last season or even the last game when they are betting sports. Oftentimes this feeling has nothing to do with now, and this causes teams to be over-valued, which then causes overlays against the sports betting lines, where gamblers accept less than full value on a wager when betting sports.

Home field/court/ice is yet another factor that is often translated into overlays versus the sports betting lines. Remember, however, that when you practice setting your own sports betting lines, you want to make the lines as pure and as merited as possible, because you want to play your “true” lines off against what the sports betting lines actually are.

Yet another huge factor that gets disproportionate play on the actual sports betting lines are injuries. As ironic as it may sound, teams suffering the loss of a key player due to injury often have more value with the betting lines than if that key player was not lost, due to the gambling public’s overreaction to the loss of that player. Ultimately, when you set sports betting lines, you will go against the reads of the public.

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