Magic wins in online sports betting, coach rips schedule

December 1, 2010 Sports Betting

The Orlando Magic continues to win games vs. the online sports betting odds but their head coach Stan Van Gundy is not totally happy.

He is upset with the NBA’s playoff schedule that definitely borders on the ridiculous. The Magic are one of the favorites to win the NBA title in offshore sports betting odds.

Online sports betting odds favored Orlando in their opening series against Charlotte and the Magic are likely to be favored throughout the playoffs until, or unless they face Cleveland.  What upset Van Gundy is the NBA’s playoff schedule. "It’s almost like you’re on a high school schedule or a college schedule playing twice a week" Van Gundy said.  The Orlando head coach has a valid point as in some of the first round series you would have teams taking two days off in between games. "Baseball gets their whole playoffs and World Series done in like three weeks," Van Gundy said. "Us, it takes us the first round to go three weeks."

The online sports betting odds definitely get spread out more with the NBA’s schedule.  The playoffs started on April 17th and they will not end until the middle of June. Van Gundy would like to see the NBA play on back-to-back nights and then give teams a day off for travel. "The thing is they stretch all of it out in the first round for TV, and it really is strange because you get into a routine in the regular season where every once in a while you get a few days off. But for the most part, you’re playing back-to-backs and every other day," he said.

Orlando can’t complain too much as they reached the NBA Finals last season and they look just as good this year. "It’s not the perfect schedule, but we all make a lot of money off TV and so for us to look at it and start griping about what we get from TV — we’re all making money because of TV and because of the people out there that want to watch it," Van Gundy said. "So we’ll spread them out and we’ll play them when they tell us to play them."

Orlando definitely is more of a contender to win it all in offshore sports betting than they were last year. A year ago the Magic trailed in many of their playoff series while this year they look ready to dominate.

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