Look at Media Spin when Betting Sports at SBG Global

December 1st, 2010 Sports Betting

Betting sports is an interesting endeavor that is influenced a lot more by the media than you might think.

How the media covers the teams has a direct affect on the sports betting odds and how you will be betting them.

Betting sports for many people doesn’t go beyond the obvious marquee teams. For example, the more familiar and traditional power type teams will often be built up by the media, even if it is not always warranted. Beyond that, however, the sheer volume of media coverage for college football teams such as Notre Dame and college basketball teams such as Duke often makes the naïve gambling public want to wager on those teams when betting sports, regardless of actual merit.

The media is also always looking for a “surprise” or “sleeper” team, but all they end up accomplishing is making such teams into overlays for those gamblers betting sports. Just look at how many times in the past decade the media has picked the Cubs as a great wager in sports betting. The Cubs are almost always overvalued in sports betting because of the media attention they receive. The same thing happens with other teams in other sports like Notre Dame in college football, the Yankees in baseball, the Cowboys in the NFL and other teams.

When the media falls in love with a team in sports betting the gamblers are going to follow suit. That means the online betting odds will move and gamblers will have to lay more points when betting sports. Such line moves are only possible when boatloads of money are wagered by the online betting masses, which are following the media spin. Such spin often takes on a life of its own and moves the online sports betting lines. Beyond that, such spin normally proves to be ill founded and wrong more times than not.

When betting sports you need to develop a way of determining honest value, and you aren’t going to accomplish that by relying on the media. In fact, more often than not you want to go against the media spin when betting sports. Always get a read on what the media is saying about a game before you start your online sports betting. If everyone is touting a team as a sure winner you might want to reconsider a wager on that team.

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