Key Online Sports Betting NBA Numbers

December 1st, 2010 Sports Betting

Online sports betting can have key numbers in football but they can also exist in the NBA as well.

Are there actually key numbers to be aware of when betting pro basketball? The answer in sports betting is yes.

Online sports betting key numbers in the NBA can be 2 and 7. Most players, and sometimes sports book bookmakers, are not really aware that these two numbers are so important in online sports betting. A lot of bookmakers ignore NBA numbers for the most part; as do most bettors, but that may be a mistake.

Why are the numbers 2 and 7 so important in online sports betting when it comes to the NBA? It is pretty obvious why the number 2 is so important. When the point spread on a game is set at two it is pretty normal for the game to be close. If the game is close, then a point spread being decided on a last basket is not that unusual in online sports betting. Sports book bookmakers have to be aware that they don’t move off of the number two unless they really have strong action because they then run the risk of getting middled. Most sportsbook bookmakers will not move lines very often when the point spread is between 1.5 and 2.5 in sports betting.

So what about this number of 7 you ask in online sports betting for NBA games at the sportsbook? Why is it so important in sports betting? Most NBA teams that trail by more than 7 points will stop fouling late in the game. In a close game, say 2 to 5 points, a team will inevitably foul late in the game when trailing. Some bookmakers are starting to see more games land on the number of 7 in online sports betting because of all the late fouling in NBA games. Sometimes even a 2-point game late can easily turn into a 7 point game by the time it is over in online sports betting. Even a team with a 10-point lead could give up the meaningless 3-pointer to send the game to 7 in online sports betting.

The bottom line in NBA sports betting is to be aware of the key numbers of 2 and 7 but don’t buy extra half points or full points in online sports betting.
Most places will let you buy half points on any number in the NBA; it is just a matter of whether it is worth it in the long run in online sports betting.

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