Internet Sports Betting Teasers

December 1st, 2010 Sports Betting

Internet sports betting teasers have increased in popularity over the years and can, in some ways, be considered the “money line of parlays.”

Sports betting teasers are similar to parlays in that a gambler must group together three or more plays that all must win for the teaser to pay off. Here is a look at Internet sports betting teasers.

Internet sports betting teasers are different than parlays because the gambler has the advantage of enhanced odds for each game, ranging anywhere from six to twelve points. While six-point teasers are the most common form of teaser Internet sports betting in football, “special teasers” can reach as high as twelve-points.

Let’s look at a football Internet sports betting example.   This is a three-team sports betting teaser in which the normal sportsbook lines are Oakland +4, Pittsburgh -10, and Indianapolis/New England over 42 (a total).  Now a six-point Internet sports betting teaser would have Oakland +10, Pittsburgh -4, and Indianapolis/New England over 36 (if you want to bet the over, or 48 if you wanted to bet the under). With Internet sports betting teasers you have lower odds than on a parlay at the Internet sportsbook since you are getting added points.

Let’s consider the payouts for Internet sports betting teasers at the Internet sportsbook.  An Internet sports betting three teamer will normally pay about 2/1, a four teamer, 3/1, a five teamer 4/1, a six teamer, 5/1, a seven teamer, 6/1, and eight teamer 7/1. If there is a tie on one of the games on your Internet sports betting teaser, the bet still is in play, it is simply reduced by the amount of ties you have. This means that if you had a five team teaser in which one game tied, you will then be reduced to having a four team sports betting teaser at the Internet sportsbook.

“Special Teasers” are another highly popular form of football sports betting in which a gambler can get increased points, if he so chooses, ranging anywhere from 6.5 to 12-points. Internet sportsbook teasers will vary from place to place and some will not offer anything more than teasers which have 6, 6.5 and 7 points available. While football teasers are the most popular, teaser options also exist for basketball in NBA and college hoops. There are a lot of great options for Internet sports betting teasers at the sportsbook today.

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