Internet Sports Betting – Some Baseball Teams Lost Money

December 1st, 2010 Sports Betting

Internet sports betting had a number of Major League Baseball teams losing money in 2009 according to commissioner Bud Selig.

While offshore sports betting on baseball still can draw attention, it trails a number of other sports.

Internet sports betting had MLB attendance dropping almost 7 percent from the previous year. "I think of all the heartache that’s in the world," Selig said. "We live in this environment. We don’t live in a bubble. And so, I think the clubs in some areas have been hit a lot harder than others."  Those numbers may continue to fall next season as offshore sports betting stats show. It will be interesting to see which teams have money to spend on free agents this winter as offshore sports betting info indicates.

In other Internet sports betting baseball news, the sport will finally make an intelligent decision and cut down on the off days during the Internet sports betting postseason next year.  Los Angeles manager Mike Scioscia, who won the AL manager of the year award as Internet sports betting had it, criticized the schedule after his team played the Yankees in the ALCS only eight times in 20 days. "We’re going to change it," Selig said. "I don’t disagree with Mike Scioscia. I think he was right, so we’re going to try and tighten that up."

Offshore sports betting had baseball also considering instant replay although Selig didn’t seem too excited about the idea. "I’m going to talk to a lot of people. I haven’t changed my view at all, but I’m always willing to talk to a lot of people and I’ve talked to a lot of managers and I’ve talked to a lot of general managers."

Internet sports betting had the biggest problem in baseball the disparity between large market teams like the Yankees and small market teams like Kansas City.  Baseball has needed a salary cap for decades as Internet sports betting has it, but since Selig works for the owners it is never going to happen.  Since baseball does not have a salary cap it makes Internet sports betting in baseball different than other sports. The Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Angels, Dodgers and other big money markets like Chicago are always going to have the Internet sports betting edge against smaller teams like Pittsburgh, Milwaukee, Detroit and others.  With no salary cap, baseball has been a joke in terms of Internet sports betting parity.  Only the big market teams can win consistently and that is a sad part of baseball Internet sports betting.

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