Internet Sports Betting Parlays

December 1, 2010 Sports Betting

Internet sports betting parlays are one of the most popular wagers at the sports book.

Sports betting parlays are popular for gamblers with all types of budgets from small to large. The chance to win a lot of money by risking just a little is always a huge draw for gamblers at the sportsbook.

Internet sports betting parlays are simply when a gambler takes anywhere from two to ten teams and combines them together for one single bet. The catch is that all of the teams/bets on the parlay must win for there to be a payoff at the sportsbook. For example, if a gambler has a five team parlay and goes 4-1, the one solitary loss makes it so the entire parlay is a loser.

The positive about Internet sports betting parlays is that when you do win, you win big. Let’s look at the sports betting odds. A two teamer will pay approximately 2.6 to 1, a three teamer 6/1, a four teamer 12/1, etc. in Internet sports betting. Many gamblers who are operating with “short” bankrolls will play parlays because this gives them more potential bang for their buck in Internet sports betting.  They can lay out something like $10 on a four team Internet sports betting parlay and get back $120 for a win. That makes for a nice return in sports betting.

One of the more popular forms of Internet sports betting parlays in football is known as the “round robin” parlay. For example, on a typical three team round robin parlay at the sportsbook you could have Kansas City, Buffalo, and the Bears/Packers game over the total. But instead of making these three selections into one Internet sports betting parlay, the round robin parlays makes it so you have three separate two-team parlays. Now let’s say that Kansas City won, Buffalo lost, and the Bears/Packers game went over the total. The Internet sports betting parlay with Kansas City and the over won, while the other two parlays with Buffalo on them lost. Yet you still would have made money because the winning Internet sports betting parlay paid 2.6/1, returning $26 for $10 wagered while the two losses combined for -$20, leaving +$6.

Internet sports betting parlays are the most popular in football.  That makes sense since football is the most popular of the sports betting options for gamblers at the sports book.