Internet Sports Betting Money Management

December 1, 2010 Sports Betting

Internet sports betting money management may be as important, or more important, than actually picking the games.

The biggest problem that most gamblers have with their sports betting is not necessarily picking winners but in managing their gambling bankrolls.

Internet sports betting can see a lot of winners and losers everyday at the sports book. The list of players that have actually picked more winners than losers on a day and yet lost money is legendary, as it happens countless times every day of the sports betting season.

Let’s take a look at what is, unfortunately, the typical Internet sports betting gambler. He enters action for the Thursday Night college football game with a sports betting bankroll of whatever is in his wallet, or credit card account, and with no real plan other than to “get down” on the game that evening, perhaps with both a side and total wager, if not a two-team parlay.

The Internet sports betting gambler then enters action for the Friday Night televised game in much the same manner before rolling out of bed for College Football Saturday without any plan except to wager on whatever is going on at that moment. He will then react to his bets later that day and evening based on what happened in the morning, and onwards with Internet sports betting.

If this Internet sports betting gambler wins early, he may get the “whim” or “feeling” that “this is my day” and really pound the later games with additional action, with amounts that are double or triple what his original sports betting amounts were, as he will use the all-too-typical idiotic line about “playing with the house’s money.”

Of course, as the Internet sports betting odds and results even themselves out, such a sports book gambler will end up losing his bankroll for the day, even if he went 4-3 on his picks, because the early games that he won were based on bets that were far less than the later three games that he lost with increased sportsbook wager amounts.

Does this story sound familiar in Internet sports betting? Does it sound intelligent with Internet sports betting? Does it sound like a good way to go about Internet sports betting at the sports book? If it doesn’t, then you “get it” and realize that money management is just that; management with Internet sports betting.

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