Injuries Impact the Sports Betting Odds at SBG Global

December 1st, 2010 Sports Betting

Sports betting lines are often impacted by injuries. There are line services out there that make a big deal out of injuries, even to the extreme.

How important are injuries in online sports betting? Sports betting odds can be impacted by injuries.  Sometimes the injuries are important while other times they are not.  It is determining how much weight to put into injuries that can be difficult in sports betting.  Some online sports betting gamblers get all excited and base their wagers at the sports book on injuries.  What they forget is that the sports betting oddsmaker knows about the injuries and they forget something else as well.  The team knows they are playing without an injured player and oftentimes they play harder to make up for the missing player.

Let’s look at some examples to consider injuries in sports betting.  Let’s say that a starting quarterback is going to be out for an NFL team.  Many times the sports betting oddsmakers will adjust the line about a field goal if the starting quarterback is out.  That is not a hard and fast number, just a general idea. Keep in mind that some quarterbacks are more valuable than others so there is no hard and fast rule.  What should be remembered is that the quarterback is only one player on the team.  Usually the backup is not that bad and the team will play harder to make up for the injured player.  Keep in mind though that the emotion usually lasts just one game.  If the injured player is out for a longer period of time then the injury can be critically important in sports betting.

There is another huge problem with injuries in sports betting.  The injury reports are very unreliable in online sports betting. The reports coming from the teams are not always correct and the reports you get from sports betting line services almost always have problems.  That makes it tough to make a good decision on how to handle injuries in online sports betting.

Injuries are one of those things in sports betting that are overrated in terms of importance.  Yes, they can make a difference but more often than not they are overrated in online betting and too much time is spent on them.  If you just ignored the injury reports put out by line services and just went and bet on the injured teams at the sports book you would probably make money in sports betting.

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