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December 1, 2010 Sports Betting

Sports betting hockey lines are some of the least popular of the team sports betting lines.

At the same time, however, hockey also has one of the most loyal and hard core groups of sports betting gamblers in any sport.

Sports betting hockey gamblers have a lot of games to choose from during the year. Much like baseball and pro basketball, hockey is a daily grind that goes from the beginning of October through mid-April. That is followed by a highly intense and dramatic two-month playoff season, which its devotees will tell you is the best in all of sports. Much like baseball, hockey is a game in which you can place sports betting wagers on the money line, where you get odds rather than an online sports betting pointspread on the team(s) that you want.

One of the biggest mistakes made by casual hockey fans is to always go with the home team. This is understandable, as you will always hear about “home ice advantage” in the media but yet the online sports betting records indicate that this factor is completely overblown. The NHL sports betting oddsmakers are aware of the “home ice advantage” myth with the public, and how it sells with how they wager, and as a result the price on home teams, particularly power home teams, is too high as to offer any online sports betting value.

As far as post seasons go in sports betting, its hard to argue against the NHL’s being the best and most exciting. Again, however, home ice advantage gets really overblown within the sports betting community. A couple of years ago the bottom four seeds all upset the top four seeds, who had home ice advantage. More than any other sport offered in sports betting, the NHL has the most unpredictable playoffs as it is never a surprise when the lower seeds upset the top seeds in the playoffs.

Hockey sports betting lines give you good opportunities to make money so don’t ignore them this season.  In addition to sides you also have totals, which are also based on money lines.  You can also play parlays in hockey sports betting and that can come in very handy, especially with high priced favorites on the online sports betting board.

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