Get your Popcorn ready, Here comes Another Rematch

October 16th, 2019 Boxing, Sports Betting

Boxing Fans will see a Breathtaking rematch vs. Daniel Jacobs. The top sportsbooks’ love a rematch as much as the next guy, just look at how much hype and profit was raked in over last weekend’s UFC 202. Now boxing fans will get their turn at a breathtaking rematch when Daniel Jacobs faces off against Sergio Mora for the second time. While McGregor and Diaz had to wait a little over 5 months to get their rematch it seems these two have been waiting for over a year.

Jacobs is currently the WBA middleweight champion and his title defense against Mora is scheduled for Friday the 9th of September. The event will be held at the Santander Arena in Reading, Pennsylvania and sports betting fans looking to tune into the event can do so on Spike. But before we continue, let’s take a look at what happened the first time these two boxers faced each other.

Their original fight was held on August 1st, 2015 and the first round proved that this matchup is one for the record books. After trading knockdowns within the first three minutes both fighters were poised to prove they were the better man. Unfortunately, the boxing  fight was cut short via technical knockout due to an injury that Mora sustained during the second boxing round.  Mora had begun to hug his opponent frequently in an effort to take his haymaker out of the equation. Ultimately, it was during one of these ‘hugs’ that Mora sustained the injury.

The climax to the injury began by Mora hugging Jacobs, to which Jacobs swiftly responded by weaving and landing some body shots. Separation was created and Jacobs began swinging haymakers. The ‘Latin Snake’ did what he was known for and began weaving wildly, eventually dipping below Jacobs’ waist. Mora tried to quickly pop back up but as soon as he raised his head he noticed his opponent was coming right at him, so Mora elected to weave back down. That move didn’t work out too well as Jacobs was already coming in with some momentum. Unable to stop, the world champion bumped into Mora.

It was at this point that Mora’s right leg buckled under the pressure. Mora’s last weave compromised his footing and his right foot landed awkwardly. Basically the foot was too far out and most of the pressure was on the knee. Once Jacobs engaged the pressure continued to pile on the knee, causing it to dip inwards. The knee eventually made contact with the mat, but Mora’s foot was still on the ground due to the awkward angle in which he was landing. The pressure was too extreme and if you watch the replay you can actually see the foot folding in on itself. Much to the dismay of the sports betting community, the fight was stopped short and declared a no contest.

To say that Mora’s injury was extreme would be an understatement. He suffered both avulsion fracture and ligament tears in his ankle. Mora has been making it his mission to get this rematch, in fact, this will be his first fight since losing to Jacobs’ a year ago. Both fighters have been vocal to the media about how much this bout means to them. Mora is confident that he is the better fighter and is eager for the opportunity to prove it.

Jacobs is the defending champion, but has stated that this fight is much more than a title defend. ‘Miracle Man’ has said that this bout is now personal due to the comments that Jacob has been making, specifically saying that he only lost because of the injury. Now Jacobs has his mind set on making sure there are no excuses. One thing’s for sure this title defense will go down in sports betting history.

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