College Football Raking in the Money

December 1, 2010 Sports Betting

Sports betting online may be over in terms of college football but the money sure is pour into the conferences.

Even the conferences that were not part of the BCS are raking in the money.  Sportsbetting had the five conferences that are not part of the BCS getting a record $24 million dollars.

Sports betting online had TCU and Boise State meeting in the Fiesta Bowl and because of that matchup the Mountain West received $9.8 million while the Western Athletic Conference got $7.8 million.  Even though that money sounds great, the bigger conferences got a lot more money as sports betting online number showed.  The Big Ten and Southeastern conferences got $22.2 million each. The other BCS conferences got $17.7 million each. The BCS has been criticized for not splitting up the money fairly.  BCS executive director Bill Hancock said that the numbers are "fair and appropriate."

Boise State may have finished unbeaten this past season but they were still only sixth in the final BCS standings.  The Broncos were a force in sportsbetting but they play in the WAC which is well below many of the other conferences in terms of talent.  The Broncos beat TCU in sports betting online odds in the Fiesta Bowl but it didn’t seem to do much for their rankings.

The current BCS system has the six BCS conferences receiving automatic bids to the big bowl games.  TCU and Boise State were ranked so high this past sports betting online season that they were able to get into the mix.  Normally that has not happened in sportsbetting.  In reality, Boise State and TCU making a BCS bowl game in the same season hurt the conferences in the long run since they can’t make the argument anymore about not getting into the BCS picture. It’s an opportunity for us to remind people that every conference had a chance to earn automatic qualification.” Bill Hancock said.

Hancock has a lot of ammunition now to defend the BCS process. The previous record for non-BCS conferences was $19.3 million as sports betting online stats showed. They shattered that mark and now the non-BCS conferences don’t have nearly as strong of an argument.  It will be interesting in sportsbetting going forward to see how conferences like the Mountain West and WAC make their case for BCS inclusion after receiving so much money this past sports betting online year.