College Football Online Sports Betting Plan

December 1, 2010 Sports Betting

Online sports betting on college football can be difficult if you don’t have a plan.

It shouldn’t be that tough to come up with a plan for college football sports betting but sometimes it is. What can you do to plan for college football online sports betting?

Online sports betting with NCAA football should begin with analyzing results. It is hard to win money in college football sports betting doing it as a part time handicapper. The most successful way to handicap is to set a schedule that will allow you to complete your daily activities, as well as give you time to handicap the online sports betting games. For example, on Monday of each week, you could read all of the recaps from the previous week in online sports betting. You can go on the Internet and get full summaries on each of the college football games. Monday should basically be a day to review everything that happened last week in online sports betting.

Tuesday you can begin looking at the general online sports betting trends and the matchup data for this week.  This is the day you really get a handle on what you want to do for the upcoming week.

Wednesday and Thursday is when the work is done.  You can start reading game previews, including coach and player quotes, etc. You can also update the online sports betting injuries that you look at and be aware of any key players that might be missing. This is also a good time to narrow the amount of games you want to play to a manageable level. You can take into account sportsbook line movement, injuries, etc, as you narrow down the games in online sports betting.

Friday is your key day for selecting the final online sports betting plays for Saturday’s college football action. It is also not a bad idea to make your sports betting wagers on Friday at the sportsbook for tomorrow’s college football. Saturday is just too busy to get consumed by online sports betting line movement, touts, opinions, etc. Bet your games on Friday and you will be much less stressed out on Saturday.

Saturday is game day and you watch and worry about your online betting plays.  Sunday is for the NFL so college football really shouldn’t be thought about. This is one way to plan out your college football sports betting and be prepared for the upcoming season.