Coaches in Sports Betting at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 Sports Betting

Sports betting for many gamblers is all about looking at the teams.

Could there be another way to consider sports betting? Could coaches be important to gamblers that look at sports betting odds?

Sports betting gamblers are split on this subject. Some who bet football or basketball go with a coach while many others go with a program. Sometimes, as is the case with good teams like USC or Oklahoma in college football you get to have both of those things. There are traditional powers such as Michigan, Notre Dame, USC, Oklahoma, Texas, Miami, Ohio State, etc, in sports betting. Another, perhaps more accurate sports betting term for such programs is “marquee teams.” These are teams that are respected and bet on every year in sports betting. These teams often have large fan bases that like to also get involved in sports betting. Teams such as Penn State, Alabama and Nebraska, who are currently down on their luck, are still marquee teams because of their long term and historic success. Marquee teams often suffer from poor value on the sports betting odds board because they are so well known and so heavily bet by the public.

There are other programs like Temple, Baylor and Vanderbilt that lose year after year and have horrible sports betting reputations when it comes to college football. These teams are quite undesirable with most of those who bet football and often bring added value against the sports betting odds, becoming bargains. The sports betting reputations of these programs are just as strong, though the opposite of the marquee teams. Certain programs bring either added or reduced value against the sports betting odds based on their reputation. Some of these programs are much more desirable for coaches to take over. For example, Florida was a far more appealing place for Urban Meyer to be than Notre Dame.

So is it the coach or the program in sports betting? It is definitely nice to have both. Look at Kansas and North Carolina in college basketball. Roy Williams won at both places. Bill Self has proven that other people can also win at Kansas. Sometimes it is the coach but more often than not it is the program that wins you money in sports betting.