Clayton Kershaw to Return to Dodgers for Sport Betting

December 1, 2010 Sports Betting

Sport betting on the Los Angeles Dodgers has been popular this season at online sportsbook sites and on pitcher Clayton Kershaw.

The Dodgers young pitcher has been hurt and out of the rotation but that should change soon as online sports betting notes.

Sport betting has the Dodgers looking at using Kershaw in relief on Wednesday in Washington and then he should get a start next weekend. Los Angeles Dodgers manager Joe Torre said he wants Kershaw to start twice before the playoffs begin to see if he will be ready for the postseason starting rotation.

The Dodgers looked to be all set earlier this sport betting season with their pitching but not anymore. All-Star Chad Billingsley has suddenly lost it and has been a mess as online sports betting stats show and Kershaw has been hurt. Kershaw seems ready and anxious to go while Billingsley is still struggling. "I’m ready to go," Kershaw said. "I could pitch relief today. All I can do is make myself ready to pitch and if I don’t, it’s their decision."

The Dodgers are trying to make some decisions in preparation for the sport betting playoffs. Online sports betting has them looking at Randy Wolf and Hiroki Kuroda as two of the starters with the other two spots up in the air. Jon Garland is another likely starter so then it comes down to Billingsley and Kershaw. It could also be a decision based on who the Dodgers match up against in sport betting. The Phillies are a left-handed hitting team so that would mean Kershaw would definitely be in the rotation while the Cardinals are more right-handed so perhaps that would mean Billingsley. But all of this is in question since the Dodgers don’t know the full status of either pitcher. Los Angeles could also use Vincente Padilla as a starter in the rotation when the playoffs begin.

Sport betting has the Dodgers using Kuroda, Billingsley and Padilla in the series against Washington this week. Sportsbook notes that the probable starters in Pittsburgh will be Garland, Wolf, Kershaw and Kuroda.

Los Angeles is still considered a contender to win the World Series in sport betting odds at the online sportsbook but they are definitely not what they once were. The pitching is a huge concern for Los Angeles heading into the online sports betting postseason.