Clay court sports betting begins at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 Sports Betting

Sports betting on tennis has seen a number of stars come and go over the years.

During the online sports betting there has been a number of big names as well that have enjoyed great success in the sports betting. But no other player has enjoyed the kind of sports betting success that Spaniard Rapheal Nadal has had so far in his very young career and if he can keep it up, he could down as one of the all time greats in tennis sports betting.

Sportsbetting fans that have wagered on tennis over the past three years are surely familiar with the muscular Nadal and his equally impressive game. At just 21 years old he’s just beginning to scratch the surface of his sports betting potential and with the legendary Roger Federer’s game seemingly slipping, it’s just a matter of time before Nadal is crowned the best player in men’s tennis online sports betting. In fact, with the clay court season officially underway it could be only a matter of weeks in fact, before Nadal over takes Federer in the sports betting tennis rankings.

The reason for this of course is that even at this tender age, Nadal is making a strong argument as perhaps the greatest clay court player ever. He is nearly impossible to beat on this surface and sports betting fans have been treated to a fearsome display of domination by Nadal of his sports betting opponents on clay. And as for the biggest clay court event of them all, the French Open, it should be renamed the Nadal Open, because he has owned the sports betting competition at Roland Garos over the past three years.

And what’s even more frightening for his competition accoriding to online sports betting experts is that he still hasn’t reached his potential. His all around game has improved dramatically over the past two seasons and this will only help his sports betting chances on clay. If he can go undefeated throughout the clay court tournaments and cap it off with another sports betting victory in Paris he’s all but guaranteed the number one world ranking.