Choosing Sports Betting at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 Sports Betting

Sports betting can be one of the best choices for your gambling.

Some people will stick with casino games, but many people look at sports betting. The last few years have brought poker into this equation as well, but for today we will look at online sports betting in terms of an investment.

Sports betting can be an excellent choice because the numbers back it up. Let’s break this down mathematically to start with. We know from a percentage basis that casino gambling in games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps, etc., is a long term losing proposition. Casino games in the long run can’t be overcome because the house edge is too high. The games are based on random elements where the player has very limited control. You can make the argument that online sports betting and poker are different. Technically you might be able to make the case for blackjack as well if you find a card counter and even those people lose most of the time.

Sports betting can be profitable because the player has control over which games he bets. The other main factor for sports betting, and it is similar with poker, is that players are actually competing against other players, not the house. It is just a matter of being able to beat the house edge when you go against other players in online sports betting. Remember that the oddsmaker in sports betting is trying to set a line where he gets equal action on both sides of the game. That is not always done because the book sometimes wants more action on a certain side and that fact alone shows that sports betting can be beaten. The problem for most people with online sports betting is that they have very little discipline and can’t handle the ups and downs of the career. Sports betting may not be easy. Poker is not easy. Casino games are easy, and that is another reason why people lose. Sports betting and poker can be beaten but it takes a lot of discipline, knowledge, and patience to do so. Most people don’t have any of those things.

You always want to remember that it is not easy to win at gambling. Sports betting can give you a chance because some of it is in your control. You can study statistics, trends, lines, etc, and get a handle on a game that you want to play. Gamblers that make money at online sports betting can pick and choose their spots. They don’t have to play every game and that is part of the advantage of online sports betting.

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