Can Griffin Beat Silva in Sports Betting UFC 101

December 1, 2010 Sports Betting

Sports betting history is riddled with earth shattering upsets.

From the earliest origins of sports betting all the way to present era of online sports betting, the historical record is full of upsets that have rocked the sporting world and turned the sports betting odds on their head.  In the upcoming match between Anderson Silva and Forrest Griffin, Silva is heavily favored but some experts believe he’s vulnerable and that Griffin just might be able to pull off what could be the greatest upset in the history of UFC sports betting.

Sports betting fans familiar with MMA fighting know the name Anderson Silva and know what it stands for.  The name Silva is synonymous with greatness and there is little argument in online sports betting circles that Silva is the best MMA fighter in the world right now.  He has been for the past several years.  One look at his recent record reveals a man who is dominating the MMA online sports betting world.  He hasn’t lost a match since very early in 2006 and has since rattled off 11 straight impressive wins against the UFC sports betting competition.

Silva has rarely been challenged and absolutely owns the middle weight sports betting action.  That’s why this match becomes so interesting.  In order to face Griffin he’ll move up a weight class, fighting at 185 lbs, not his most natural weight and that could affect the online sports betting outcome. 

Griffin, a natural light heavyweight, is no MMA sports betting slouch.  He’s fought the biggest names in the weight class us a world champ in the weight division.  He knows how to prepare for these big matches and he also knows that win here will fast track him to the top of the sports betting challenger standings.  Ranked third or fourth in the division by most sports betting experts, he’d love nothing more than to win this match and get another shot at the sports betting light heavyweight title.  And this match is certainly his meal ticket.

Silva is not quite as invincible as he once was in the sports betting competition.  He’s 34 years old, not exactly a spring chicken, and has looked vulnerable in his most recent matches with lack luster wins.  Still there’s a reason why almost every MMA sports betting publication calls him the greatest pound for pound fighter in sports betting.

If Silva is going to lose before his impending retirement this is likely the match he’ll lose.  But Griffin must fight smart; no brawling, no mistakes on the mat.  Silva is not only the most physically gifted fighter in sports betting, but also one of the smartest.  But if Griffin can beat the champ, it will go down as one of the biggest upsets in the history of UFC sports betting.