Brady Quinn Losing Out Internet Sports Betting

December 1, 2010 Sports Betting

Internet sport betting on the Cleveland Browns has not been very successful this season as the Browns have struggled in many areas including at quarterback.

Cleveland quarterback Brady Quinn is the one that is really losing out though as he could lose millions because he is not playing.  Cleveland is a touchdown underdog in offshore sports betting at the sportsbook on Sunday as they host the Green Bay Packers.

Internet sport betting has the Browns with Derek Anderson as the starting quarterback and Brady Quinn as the backup. The decision to bench Quinn was made by head coach Eric Mangini but a closer examination indicates it may have been made by others in the organization.  Quinn’s contract is very incentive laden based on playing time.  If Quinn doesn’t play at least 70% of Cleveland’s offensive snaps this Internet sport betting season he will lose about $11 million in bonuses.  And unless Anderson gets hurt, Quinn is going to lose out on a lot of money since he would have to start playing this Internet sport betting week to reach the incentive bonus.  Quinn played in just 2.5 games this offshore sports betting season before being benched.  If Quinn doesn’t play this Internet sport betting week he would not be able to fulfill the bonus requirement which means he would miss out on a $5 million bonus this year and $5.95 million next year.  Those are huge numbers that may have influenced who is starting at quarterback for the Browns this Internet sport betting season.

The Browns were 0-3 with Quinn at quarterback and decided to go with Anderson.  The offshore sports betting numbers for Anderson are not any better than Quinn’s but the Browns did win an ugly game in offshore sports betting against Buffalo with Anderson at quarterback.

Just how important is money in the NFL?  It is a huge deal in this instance.  The Browns have already paid Derek Anderson most of his money so they lose nothing if he plays and they save almost $11 million if Quinn doesn’t play.  Sometimes in life, things are not always what they seem.  Looking at the contract situation of Quinn it is pretty easy to see that the Browns decided they could save a lot of money by benching him.  Next Internet sport betting year they can put him back into the competition, or even give him the starters’ job and get rid of Anderson. That would save them even more money and with a losing NFL betting team that is often the top priority.