Bowl Games are Popular when Betting Sports at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 Sports Betting

Betting sports during the college football bowl season can be tricky yet very exciting and potentially profitable.

For some teams, any bowl, no matter how small or insignificant, is a big deal and a major step for the program while other teams see the bowl game as a disappointment. Figuring out motivation is a big key in sports betting, particularly in bowl games.

Betting sports in December and January is full of choices, not the least of which is bowl games. There are so many bowl games on the sports betting board with so many teams that really are not worthy of a game. This would mostly include mid-major teams such as Tulsa, San Jose State, Houston, Rice, SMU, Central Florida, etc. For teams such as those, any bowl is the “Granddaddy of them All” and a cause for a major effort and celebration. Beyond that, the fans of such schools love the fact that their relatively unknown programs get to bowl on national television. Handicapping these mid-major teams can be interesting when betting sports.

A similar attitude comes from the big time programs that usually are not amongst the conference championship contenders. These would be teams that are usually in the bottom half of the conference standings as sports betting statistics show and yet managed to pull themselves together for a bowl season, which, since rare, is a big deal to both the program and their fans. Teams like Iowa State and Colorado State are two excellent examples of teams that might make a bowl game even though they finished well back in the conference standings.

When you are betting sports you also have the jilted teams that had high hopes for a championship season, only to fall short. Such teams are often poor values when betting sports. Teams that have less than full motivation are good go-against teams when betting sports, including those teams that are participating in bowl games.

The bowl season is a popular time for gamblers that are betting sports. There are a lot of games on the board in football, basketball, hockey and other sports so the choices are great, especially in NFL betting and in college football betting. The bowl games get extra attention from sports betting gamblers since they are all on television. This makes them very popular and highly followed by college football betting gamblers.

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