Books and Players Win in Super Bowl Sports Betting Online

December 1, 2010 Sports Betting

Sports betting online can be popular on the Super Bowl and that was the case with Super Bowl XLIV as sportsbooks and bettors loved it.

The game was so popular it was the most watched TV program of all time.  The bettors had their moments and the books did well in sportsbetting overall.

Sports betting online had the Saints winning with the game going under the total.  The Super Bowl was very popular with sports betting online players although it may not have broken all-time records. It was the most watched game ever though.  The Saints won the game outright which meant they covered the sports betting online odds and they won on the money line. The game also went well under the sportsbetting total.  About 8 out of 10 bettors took the over so the sports betting online sites did quite well with the total.

The action on the side was more split between the Saints and Colts. The early money was on the Colts but the late money was on the Saints.  Whenever a favorite loses though, it is usually good news for the sports betting online sites.  Bettors did take the Saints on the money line but there were reports of some big bets on the Colts on the money line as well so it was not a big decision either way in sportsbetting.

Most of the time in sports betting online the public is going to take the favorite and the over.  When that happens, the sports betting online sites do pretty well.  New Orleans was a popular team though so it was not a huge sportsbetting decision for the books since people did like the feel good story of the Saints and their explosive offense.

Proposition bets were also popular in the Super Bowl and for the most part the sportsbooks did well. Drew Brees winning the MVP though was a win for the players.  What helped the books was that the game did not go into overtime. That prop would have really hurt the sportsbooks.  The late two-point conversion though did hurt them as bettors liked the Yes on that prop and they won when Lance Moore got a successful 2-point conversion after a video review overturned the call on the field.

Overall, the sportsbooks and the bettors were pretty pleased with the most popular Super Bowl ever.