Big 10 Looking at Expansion SportBetting

December 1, 2010 Sports Betting

Sportbetting has the Big 10 Conference looking at expansion.

The last time the Big 10 expanded was in 1990 when Penn State was added as the 11th team. It is very possible that a 12th team will be added in the near sports betting online future.

Sportbetting on the Big 10 usually gets a lot of attention and that would increase with a 12th team. Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez mentioned expansion and now the Big 10 Conference is officially looking into it. Many others in the Big 10 have also recommended to Big 10 commissioner Jim Delany that expansion is needed. "I have a sense he is going to take this year to really be more aggressive about it," Alvarez said to the Wisconsin athletic board last week. "I just think everybody feels [expansion] is the direction to go, coaches and administrators."

Ohio State’s Chancellor E. Gordon Lee was originally opposed to expansion but he has come around as well. "We have to be thoroughly modern and realize the world has moved on, and having a playoff for the Big Ten championship makes sense," Gee said to a local paper, "I’m not planting a stake in the ground on that issue, but it’s something we now need to tackle."

Could it be that a Big 12 team moves into the Big 10 and makes it interesting in sportbetting? Is it possible that Notre Dame grabs the sports betting online headlines and goes into the Big 10? There are a lot of plusses and minuses with adding Notre Dame. Other schools might present less of a problem. Sportbetting has some of those being Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Syracuse and Louisville along with Big 12 schools like Iowa State, Missouri and even Nebraska.

It is unlikely that a Big 12 football power like Nebraska would go into the Big 10 as sportbetting shows but a school like Missouri would be possible. They are right in the middle of Big 10 country and would be a logical sports betting online choice. Iowa State would also make sense although they don’t have much of a big sportbetting name in either football or basketball.

So why is a 12th school so important in sportbetting? Another team would allow the Big 10 to split into two six-team conferences and have a championship game that would be very popular in sports betting online. "We’re irrelevant for the last three weeks of the football season because we’re not playing," Alvarez said.