Arizona Hosts Colorado Rockies in an Interesting Game

August 13th, 2020 Sports Betting

Arizona Hosts Colorado Rockies in an Interesting Game. Sportsbetting on Major League Baseball has great and exciting action this Friday!  The clash between rivals of the National League West will make it hard for bettors to make an accurate pick.  The Arizona Diamondbacks will be hosting tonight’s game against the Colorado Rockies and although handicappers are more inclined into saying that Colorado will win, it will still be a tough pick to make.

It is true that the Arizona Diamondbacks are leading the National League West but it is for no reason other than the fact the the rest of the division is below the .500 mark.  On July 4th the Diamondbacks record was 43-41 and although it sounds like a good number, the Colorado Rockies are coming in second place with a record of 41-44.  Arizona’s lead means nothing at this particular moment of the season.  All in all this will be a great game between two teams that are basically at even terms.

Jorge De La Rosa will be the starting pitcher for the Rockies.  He has a 3.09 earned run average therefore; he is very well known and respected among bettors because they know the great caliber in his technique and expertise. It is still unclear who will be the starting pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks. Judging by such uncertainty, of the Diamondbacks and the great quality in De La Rosa, many will strongly believe that Colorado is the right pick to take.

De La Rosa has been impressive this season.  However, it is possible that he has been spectacular only due to the fact that he has had to face pretty bad hitting teams and that will definitely bring up his numbers. He has been able to face the right opponents due to his four-day breaks between starting pitchers. The Arizona Diamondbacks will make it very hard for De La Rosa at the batting plate as they have been showing great strength in that particular area.

So although it will be a tight match, most of the bettors will be definitely take Colorado on this game. The MLB betting odds say that Arizona’s uncertainty in who would be the starting pitcher is definitely a huge factor as to why many people are going to pick their contenders.

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