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December 1st, 2010 Sports Betting

Sports betting odds on baseball are primarily money line oriented but for gamblers that don’t want to make large layouts on the chalks there is the alternative of the run lines.

Many sports betting gamblers simply look at the money line but the run line is an excellent alternative and just another of the different options for betting baseball.

Sports betting odds on run lines are where a gambler can take the chalk at minus 1.5-runs at a reduced rate or take the dog at plus 1.5-runs but lay more money. Most gamblers will stick with the regular sports betting odds with money lines on the dogs and use the run lines for a price break on the chalks.

The over/under totals sports betting odds are a highly popular way to bet baseball with professionals/sharps as they can get better prices and less juice than with the regular money line sports betting numbers for sides.  Way too many people forget about playing totals versus the sports betting odds and baseball is no exception to that rule.

Baseball may be the best sport of all for playing the sports betting odds in terms of futures. Instead of having to bet every single day you can make a single way and be in action all year.  And you can oftentimes get value in the sports betting odds because teams like the Yankees and Red Sox attract the majority of the interest on the sports betting board.  Throw the Cubs in to that mix as well since people always want to bet on Chicago in baseball sports betting odds in terms of futures.  Everyone believes that the Cubs jinx will finally end, yet it never does.  That gives you great value on other teams in sports betting odds when it comes to baseball futures.  Keep in mind that playing futures in sports betting is an economical way to play the baseball betting lines and also a potentially better way to end up in the black at season’s end.

Another solid strategy implemented by professionals against the baseball sports betting odds is to wager against a team after the All-Star break that has a surprising or unusually strong first half of the season.  What goes up often comes down and the All-Star break is a great time to pick on certain teams in baseball sports betting odds.  You can also bet on certain teams to improve but it seems like it is much easier to find a team that will come down than one that will come up in the second half of the season.

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