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December 1st, 2010 Skill Games

In 1954 Yahtzee was created by an unknown Canadian couple.

Online Yahtzee

In 1954 Yahtzee was created by an unknown Canadian couple. Back then, they called it “The Yacht Game” due to the fact that they used to play in on their yacht along with some friends. Two years after that, they went to Edwin S. Lowe, game and toy promoter, and requested him to produce sets of the game so that they could give it to their friends as gifts. Mr. Lowe saw the opportunity of marketing “Yahtzee” and got the rights to it from the couple and in exchange he gave them 1,000 gift sets.

It was Lowe who changed the name of the game from The Yacht Game to “Yahtzee”. At the beginning he has some problems commercializing Yahtzee since it was hard to advertise. Then, he came up with the idea of putting together “Yahtzee Parties” so that people could get a chance to play the game and learn about it. His idea was very successful.

The dice game of Online Yahtzee is composed of 13 rounds. Basically, in each round of Online Yahtzee the dice must be rolled and then the player must try to score that same number in categories resembling to Poker. The goal is to score in each one of the categories and this score will be settled by category rules. Such online Yahtzee categories look like poker hands with the difference that for 5 of a kind where the roll is called “Yahtzee”.

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