Rugby – World Cup-Samoa vs. USA-Preview

September 19, 2015 Rugby

Yes in the USA it’s football time in the states, but there’s another sport that this weekend will bring a lot of action for fans, and that’s the when we have the kick-off for the Rugby World Cup 2015.


The Rugby team USA will take to the field this Sunday as they seek to end their losing way against their 1st opponent in Samoa a team with a world of experience in the game of Rugby. The game will be played at the Community Stadium in Brighton in the United Kingdom with the game being played at 4 AM ET. If you Bet on Rugby at SBG Sportsbook, the Samoa team is favored at -16.5 with the USA being at + 16.5. Thus we wonder if the USA can get a win over this Pacific Island team of Samoa.

For the USA fans surely you know that Rugby is similar to American football, but to date the U.S. team has been somewhat of a disappointment to the fans. The U.S. team called the Eagles to date has qualified for 6 of the 7 last Rugby World Cup events; however they have been unable to win more than 1 game in the pool stage of the event in all previous Rugby World Cup events.

This 2015 the USA has brought together what they think is their best Rugby team to date, which is led by one of the best in Rugby today in S. Manoa who to date has just 10 points in 11 games. However, he plays for the Saints of Northampton in England since back in 2011 and in 122 games there he has accumulated some 130 points for his team.

Besides Manoa, the U.S. team has no other star players, as only 11 of the teams 31 players have had previous Rugby World Cup experience, but remember 2 of those 11 are stars with international teams, and in this tournament they could easily have breakout performances. One is C. Wyles a fullback-wing-center who has 212 points in 50 national games, and winger T. Ngwenya who has score some 60 points in 32 games playing for the USA since back in the 2007 season.

This season the USA team is seeking more than just 1 win, but they will be a difficult task, as just recently in 2015 the USA played in the Pacific Nations Cup and lost to Samoa 23-18. Thus it appears that for the USA to win against Samoa they would need a near perfect game to succeed and upset Samoa.

For the Samoa fans, you know your team recently was struggling as its players were in talks with the Samoa Rugby Union, and finally ended the talks with a new agreement with the Union. Thus, with those talks finished, the Samoan team is ready to focus on this tournament and their 1st game with the USA and winning the 2015 Rugby World Cup Title for a 1st time.

Presently Samoa is ranked 12th in the Rugby World rankings and they been played very competitive in previous Rugby World Cup Tournaments. In 1991 and 1995 they made it to the Quarter Finals and since 1999 they lost a playoff game with Scotland for the final spot in the stage of knockout, they still have a lot of top player playing throughout Europe on coveted leagues.

The stars for the Samoan team are the Pisi brothers in George and Ken, and Ken is a very speedy player while George is one of the best Centers in the English Premiership. They also have frontline that consists of J. Lam, A. Perenise, A. Fa’osiliva, T. Ioane and K. Thompson a group of players that can be difficult for opponents at any given time.

The team Samoa has beat the USA in all of its regular games, since the USA is not known to be strength in the sport of Rugby. This game will be a way to determine how teams will do against teams in the next stage that would be powerhouse like Scotland and South Africa. Now the Samoan team seems to be determined to win the pool stage and then move on to win the Title.

The prediction is that the Samoa team will easily defeat the USA with the final score being Samoa 29 and the USA 7.