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SBG Global is now offering rugby betting action to clients.  Rugby happens to be a sport that has possibly the largest volume of followers with a large number of local leagues that have developed more markets for Rugby wagering that previously existed.  Thus, gambling on sports comes in many different forms at SBG Global. For this reason, it is important that our clients are educated in the game of rugby so they can place educated bets while gambling at the Call Center, Online Sportsbook or Mobile.

Rugby has become a principal sport at most bookmakers so when you are navigating at the SBG Global website it is easy to locate the Rugby wagering odds normally positioned on the left hand side of the sportsbook page with the rest of the top odds.

Regardless, at SBG Global you find Rugby at the top of the list of sports that are available at the sportsbook.  When you select the Rugby category this will navigate you to the main page with the wagering odds for various leagues and tournaments for your review before selecting and completing your desired Rugby wagers.

SBG Global would like to present you with some fact about Rugby.

It’s important if you are going to bet on Rugby to understand the game which was first played before the 19th century and the first set of Rules & Regulation were adopted in 1845.  Commonly known as Rugby Football until 1985 after a monetary disputed Rugby was split in the Rugby Union and the Rugby League with both being played in this era with slightly different rules.

In 1871, the first laws regulating the Rugby Union were inscribed as a method for getting the 21 clubs in existence at the time to adhere to the common set of regulations that would ensure fair play and protection for players in the entire country.  The sport grew within Britain relating to that Empire. Then in 1864 in Australia, Sydney became the first community to form a Rugby Club.

Then in 1886 an International Rugby Board (IRB) was formed as a result of a dispute in an International match between Britain and Scotland.   It was not until 1990 than Britain joined this group as they had chosen the regulations of the IRFB (International Rugby Football Board).  In these modern times, the IRB is the Governing Board for International Rugby.

Wagering Rules:

  • All wagering is for only 80 minutes of play with extra time not counted.
  • Should a game be changed and is different from advertised, all bets are voided.
  • If a match is postponed or abandoned, all bets will be void on the day of the match.

Handicap Match Wagering:  In this scenario you are wagering on a team to win a match after the wagering lines have been posted. Also, you can wager on the 1sthalf of the match as the line is applicable to the half-time scores.

Winning Margin Wagering: In this case you are wagering on the number of points the winning team will win the match by. Here you are wagering from scratch with both teams beginning the match with zero Points.

40 Minute Wagering: Here you are betting on what the half-time score of the match will be.

Some other wagers that may be offered in the form of proposition wagers are the following:

  1. Double Win-wagering on team to score first who will also win the match.
  2. Team to win both 40 minute Half’s – here you wager on a team to score more points in the 1st half and the 2nd half that of the match than the opponent.
  3. Race to 10 Points – Here you are wagering on which team will score 10 points, and if neither team scores 10 points the wager is refunded.
  4. Salami – this is wagering on the total number of points that will be scored by all teams for a day round of matches.

Wagering Options

There exist many wagering options for Rugby that relate to the same rules and regulations that were developed for Rugby the 1800s.  The betting options that are most common are the ones that apply to the match.  Those being match winners, 1st attempt scorer, last attempt scorer, 1st points scorer, team to score 1st penalty and several others.

Also there are wagering options that apply to championships in general and these options have watering odds that are constantly changing throughout the competition like the winner of  the tournament, most points scored in the tournament, and most tries to score by a player and/or others.  The options are normally favorites with casual gamblers whom are  not wagering on rugby on a daily basis but prefer to wager only on the tournaments that occur.

Live Wagering on Rugby

With today’s technologies many in the industry offer live betting and it is basically very simple for those wagering on Rugby.  Just enter your wagering account, click on the live wagering option when available at the sportsbook and then you are ready to watch the play by play action.

Wagering Options and Rugby

SBG Global, like most sportsbooks, now offers many different wagering options for Rugby which normally are available in two formats; event specials and money back specials wagering.

Event special wagering is limited to events like Championships such as the World Cup and Six Nations games and these special wagering offers on Rugby are more unusual as these events only occur on preset schedules.  They also are normally only available in small wagering amounts.

Money back specials pertain to specific Rugby matches signifying you can get your money back if you follow the correct terms and conditions presented.

These two forms of betting in relation to Rugby certainly are an indication as to how the sport and the wagering options have changed over the past years and now one has many different wagering options available at SBG Global that you won’t be bothered by simple betting options, as they always present options that will attract your attention and desire to wager on Rugby events and matches!

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