Five Series Contenders in the 2022 Rugby Six Nations Championship

Five Series Contenders in the 2022 Rugby Six Nations Championship

At the beginning, the Rugby Six Nations Championship was known as the Home Nations. It was founded in 1883. England was the winner of the first two editions of that event. Since then, England has remained one of the most dominant nations with the Rugby betting odds. On the whole, the Rugby Six Nations Championship has evolved from two previous iterations. After starting as the Home Nations, it became the Five Nations in 1940. And then, in 2000, it became the Rugby Six Nations Championship. England, Wales, and France have been the most successful teams.

2022 Rugby Six Nations Championship

Date:February 5 through March 19, 2022
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Italy 1000/1

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2022 SBG Odds Overview

Specifically, the 2022 Six Nations Championship of Rugby will be the 23rd edition. Gamblers bet the Six Nations Championship just as they do with any other sport. Meaning that name brands dominate the online betting handle. England has a total of 13 titles, with its most recent title in 2020. Most important of all, England is in the hunt every time the Rugby Six Nations Championship is played. England’s success in the Rugby World Cup also factors into their popularity with squares.

In like manner to other major events, the Rugby Six Nations Championship draws massive amounts of casual action with the Rugby lines. These gamblers don’t follow rugby and don’t know most, if not all, of its rules. But they know England, France, and Wales are good at the sport and bet accordingly. Of course, oddsmakers are fully aware of this and jack up the prices on these three teams.

Sharps are tasked with finding the best value of the Big Three or perhaps looking for another team outside the mainstream. This theory worked perfectly in 2018 when Ireland won the 2018 Rugby Six Nations Championship. Casual money flooded in on two-time defending champion England. Wise Guys knew that Ireland had a capable team and a great price. Thus, the rest was history.

Of course, square money can work in favor of bargain hunters for individual matches too. Casuals nearly always overreact to winners and losers of previous matchups. Especially if they had money on the game. It is important to keep in mind that the guys making the lines know the public is fickle. Thus, a beaten favorite can get a more advantageous price in the next match. And an underdog coming off an upset will be priced higher in their next game.


Last time out, Wales was the upset winner in the 2021 Rugby Six Nations Championship. England stunned Rugby observers and gamblers with three losses in their five matches. Thus, the team is motivated to redeem itself in 2022. Previously England was the winner in 2020, 2017, and 2016. Since 2015, Eddie Jones has been in charge of England. Jones is the former head coach of Australia and Japan. He led Australia to the 2003 Rugby World Cup runner-up spot. And then, in Japan, he won the World Rugby Pacific Nations Cup in 2004.

Specifically, Jones won the 2017 World Rugby Coach of the Year in England. He is a three-time Six Nations Championship winner.

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