2020 Rugby Championship Betting

2020 Rugby Championship Betting Schedule, Analysis and Overview

October 27th, 2020 Online Betting, Rugby

At the onset of the 2020 Rugby championship is an unusual twist. Defending 2019 Rugby Championship and Rugby World Cup champion South Africa withdrew. Cause by South Africa’s government travel restrictions. COVID-19 throws yet another curve into Rugby betting. Thus, the 2020 Rugby Championship will return to its previous Tri-Nations format. The 2020 Rugby Championship will be played over six weekends. Each team will play the others twice. Additionally, COVID 19 has pushed back the event to later in the calendar year. All matches for the 2020 Ruby Championship will be played in Australia.

2020 Rugby Championship

Date and Time:October 31 through December 5, 2020
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2020 Ruby Championship Fixtures

Matchday 1 – October 31, 2020: Australia vs. New Zealand, ANZ Stadium, Sydney
Matchday 2 – November 7, 2020: New Zealand vs. Australia, Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane
Matchday 3 – November 14, 2020: New Zealand vs. Argentina, Bankwest Stadium, Sydney
Matchday 4 – November 21, 2020: Argentina vs. Australia, McDonald Jones Stadium, Newcastle
Matchday 5 – November 28, 2020: Argentina vs. New Zealand, McDonald Jones Stadium, Newcastle
Matchday 6 – December 5, 2020: Australia vs. Argentina, Bankwest Stadium, Sydney

2020 Rugby Championship SBG Odds Overview

Argentina, Australia, and New Zealand are the three teams competing in the 2020 Rugby Championship. Naturally, New Zealand is going to be a highly popular online betting choice. The All Blacks are the marquee team in the sport. New Zealand has won three Rugby World Cups and is the game’s winningest nation. Further, the All Blacks have the most wins in this tournament. Casual gamblers are quite familiar with the New Zealand brand. Australia has improved in recent years but lacks the New Zealand cache. And then Argentina is known much more for soccer instead of Rugby.

New Zealand

Specifically, in this event, New Zealand has a whopping 10 titles. That is far and away from the best total in Rugby Betting. Overall, the All Blacks have 50 wins and 22 losses in the Rugby Championship. Second, best is Australia and South Africa with three titles apiece. Head to head against Australia the All Blacks have 51 wins and 27 losses with six draws. New Zealand has won five of the last six meetings. That includes two in a row. And then the All Blacks have dominated Argentina. New Zealand has 12 wins and a draw with Los Pumas.


Overall, in this tri-nations competition, Australia is in the red. The Wallabies have 29 wins and 42 losses. Compared to New Zealand the Aussies have been much more inconsistent. Consider that the Wallabies won the World Cup in 1991 and 1999. The problem is that they have never been able to sustain success. New Zealand has been able to keep winning. And that’s the difference. In their head-to-head series with Argentina, the Wallabies have eight wins and four losses. So too has there been one draw.


Compared to New Zealand and Australia, Argentina lacks tradition and success. Los Pumas has the worst record of any team participating in this event. In sum, Argentina has five wins one draw, and 36 losses. More emphatically Los Pumas lacks the credibility needed with gamblers. Also factoring against Argentina is a world ranking of 10th. Summing up they will be utterly outclassed in this competition.

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