Which Democrat will Emerge as the Political Betting Challenger to Trump

Which Democrat will Emerge as the Political Betting Challenger to Trump

December 10th, 2019 Political Betting, Sports Betting

Account of the best economy in 50 years and a record-setting stock market has Donald Trump increased as a favorite for re-election. Trump has a classic love-hate relationship with millions of Americans. To illuminate voters, love the Trump results but not the man himself. The Donald comes off as obnoxious yet ultimately successful. All of which makes for a tricky Political Betting Dynamic. On the Democrat side, former Vice President Joe Biden is the chalk. Yet his gaffe-prone ways and record of corruption are a potential liability. The Democrat race could be a wild card.

2020 US Presidential Election Odds

At the onset of the US Presidential Election Odds is President Donald Trump at +115, Joe Biden, +600, Elizabeth Warren +700, Pete Buttigieg +900, Bernie Sanders +1000, Michael Bloomberg +1400, Hillary Clinton +2800, and Andrew Yang +3300
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Joe Biden

Barrack Obama’s Vice President is making his third bid for the White House. Specifically, Biden’s biggest sports betting asset is that he comes off as the least insane candidate of the Democrat side. Counter to that is behavior that is erratic and seen by some as downright creepy. Biden’s son used his dad’s status to land multi-million-dollar deals in the most corrupt fashion. Overall Biden is seen as the most pragmatic Democrat that the party could field. Although he is much harder left than most he comes off as an “average Joe” to voters that don’t know his record.

Elizabeth Warren

Warren is a favorite with so-called “progressives” despite her strong unlikability. Immediately seen as a Political betting weakness is the fact that Warren falsified her records to become a Harvard professor. On her application, she lied about having Indian blood. As a result, she stole a cushy and high paying job that was actually meant for a bona fide Native American. Warren impresses some by seeming to have a plan for everything. For others its seen as micromanaging. Cause by the hard-left Democrat base does Warren have a legitimate shot.

Pete Buttigieg

At the beginning of his campaign, “Mayor Pete” came off as a pious lecturing jerk. He went out of his way to insult the very Trump voters he needs to crossover. Buttigieg has some credibility issues in the African American community. Cause be several police incidents in the town of South Bend, Indiana, where he is mayor. Buttigieg has been trying to act saner these days and a few voters seem to be falling for it. But the tapes of his early remarks will certainly be played on TV ads if he goes far into the race.

Bernie Sanders

Specifically, Sanders has pointed out legitimate problems with wage disparity and health care. That is what as the original attraction to his campaign. But the more he goes into details for solutions the further he drops in the polls. Sanders’s socialism may sell with college students, but those in the real world are frightened by it.

President Trump

To differentiate the Democrat nominee may not matter. Trump has emerged as larger chalk because of his results. Uncouth behavior may not be appreciated, but bulging bank accounts from a powerhouse economy are hard to ignore. Embracing that reality is that Americans may vote for the lesser of bad options. Which is the grandest of American political tradition.

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